Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Matchbox C Case…

Going a little backwards this time.  We are doing to start with the unboxing video, and I will post the Matchbox C Case Report a little later.

Typically the Case Report photos come from Wheel Collectors and the Unboxing videos I do when the cases arrive from A&J Toys, but due to some holiday mix-ups, we are going backwards.  In fact, I am doing the photo Case Reports for both this Matchbox C Case and the Hot Wheels E Case.  So those of you who like the Case Reports, don’t fret, they are coming.

For now, here is the 2017 Matchbox C Case, as always provided by A&J Toys.


10 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Matchbox C Case…”

  1. I'm sorry but black windows look gash, it's not like any of them have “too many” pieces either. Please Mattel, even as a kid I knew things like this represented cheapness when what I wanted was accuracy.

  2. I like the Prius taxi, but still the majority of cars look crappy.
    And what's the point of not having interior in 500X, what are they actually saving?

  3. Why oh why could they do the Range Rover so simple but the Explorer police gets all the crap on top? They are the same car! All they had to do was add a light bar change the grill and just like Ford did you have a perfect representation of the Explorer! The overkill on some models and the lack of interiors in others is absolutely rediculious. I mean don't get me wrong the RR looks great but come on take the time with all models! I think MBX is doing a much better job and yes some still have some crapy detail but for the most part their headed down the right road. Anyone who is hating everything is just hating. With that said consistency should also be a goal!

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