The big ol’ Matchbox Blazer makes its return with the 2017 Jungle Mission 5-pack…

A couple of days ago this find was reported on Instagram:

A photo posted by Jar (@jr1761) on Jan 7, 2017 at 5:21pm PST


It is the latest Matchbox 5-pack.  Not one that I would get too excited about, but there is a notable model in there.
It’s the Chevy Blazer.  
Sometimes called the 4×4 Chevy Blazer, sometimes the ’74 Chevy Blazer, sometimes the ’89 Chevy Blazer, sometimes just the Chevy Blazer.
Part of the reason it has so many names is because it has been around forever.  And it is back.
I am not an expert on the Blazer, but I think it has been slightly modified.  You guys can clarify that.  What hasn’t been modified, however, is the base.  The old Blazer casting had a notch on the rear bumper that held a separate antenna piece.  A piece mind you that always came off.  Obviously in today’s age a small removable piece like that won’t fly, so the antenna isn’t there.
There is a modified diecast base that was done for the Lesney line a few years ago that has not space for the antenna, but obviously that hasn’t been converted to plastic.
Still though, it is nice to see this one back.  It’s big.  It’s bouncy.  And square body Chevys are as cool as ever.  Plus, the camo look works well.  
It is a reality of being a Matchbox/Hot Wheels collector that you occasionally buy a 5-pack for one model.  This might be the case.

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  1. Hi, John, Would you mind showing us the Matchbox logo on its base? I'd like to see that as it reminds me of the one in 2007 basic range (Park Ranger variation). Thank you!

  2. Yes, the Blazer is pretty old. It was first introduced as a Kidco model around 1980. When Kidco's parent, Universal Toys bought Matchbox in 1982, the Blazer found its way into the Matchbox line the next year (for the US market only, I don't think the ROW-Rest Of the World-market got the Blazer until after 2005-2006, when Mattel decided to reunite the US and ROW into one single territory. I have the Kidco version, and honestly, the Matchbox version looks better.

  3. That's an old (but good casting),reckon it first appeared here in the UK in about 1983, in 'sheriff' livery with chrome plastic base, then the base changed to black plastic soon after…it was definitely on the 1984 Matchbox poster I had on my wall! Hope they've got a few more '80's castings to drop back into the range!

  4. Good to see old timers making a comeback. The International CXT looks cool too. And yup, its true, sometimes we do buy 5 packs for only 1-2 models, especially when the models are this good.

  5. I love this casting. Reminds me of my neighbors truck as a kid, and of my fathers dodge ram charger with removable top. I just wish they still had the baja whip antennae on it.

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