Here are the 2016 Lamley Award Reader’s Choices, along with my selections…

Happy 2017!  Although in diecast time it is more like March 2017, Happy New Year nonetheless.

I guess it really doesn’t matter when I post these results considering we are well into 2017, so now is as good as any.  And we can finally put 2016 to rest.  Finally.

So here are the results of the 2016 Lamley Award Polls.  If you remember, at the end of the year I asked you to pick your Best and Worst Hot Wheels Super TH, Best and Most Disappointing Hot Wheels New Model, Hot Wheels Model of the Year, and Best Matchbox New Model.

Yeah, it’s a little Hot Wheels and Mattel-centric, isn’t it?  My promise next year is to incorporate more brands into the Lamley Awards, and at least I have the year to figure out how.  For now, we will run with what we voted on, knowing in the back of our heads that some of what we voted on doesn’t compare to the awesomeness that was the Majorette Dubai Police set, or the TLV Skylines, Auto World Galaxie, or M2 VW Double Cabs.

Let’s get to it.  I will list the Top 3 in every Lamley Award Poll, and then give my choices.  This is wonderfully unscientific, and not official in any way.  We put up a poll, you voted, and here are the results.  Take them for what they are worth.

Best 2016 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt:


1. ’17 Ford GT
2. Porsche 993 GT2
3. TV Series Batmobile


1. Drifsta
2. TV Series Batmobile

As subjective as it gets.  Is it the casting choice that makes a Super great, or the execution?

The Readers loved the Ford GT.  It looked a lot like its basic counterpart, but there is no doubt it is a cool casting, and unique in that it was a New Model debuting as a Super.

For me the Drifsta was the best.  I can’t say I am a huge fan of the casting, but I love the execution.  The spectraflame pink on 4-spoke real riders with extra deco is just awesome.  It contains the biggest upgrade from its mainline counterpart among all the 2016 Supers.  Supers have to look the part, and the Drifsta truly does.  So does the Batmobile.  It could be argued that it is essentially the same as the basic release, but the overall look with the ghost flames and real riders just makes this an epic Super.

Worst 2016 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt:


1. Boom Box
2. Carbonic
3. Bad Mudder 2

Of course the generic castings.  There were some duds this year when it came to Supers, but I will say I liked the deco on the Boom Box.  I’d put the Bad Mudder up top.

Best 2016 Hot Wheels Licensed New Model:


1. Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
2. ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car
3. ’17 Ford GT


1. Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
2. ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car

No argument here between me and the readers.  The BMW was easily my favorite until the Alfa came along in Entertainment Forza.  Both models are a combinations of great model choices and stop-on execution.  Little details like the appropriate stance on the BMW and sloping trunk on the Alfa make these models instant collector faves.

Most Disappointing 2016 Hot Wheels New Model:


1. Custom ’72 Chevy Luv
2. 2005 Ford Mustang
3. Mazda MX-5 Miata


1. Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Ok I don’t agree with myself anymore.  I had a problem with the wing of the Porsche, but now seeing the new green version for 2017 I have to say it is pretty awesome.  As for the Readers, I am not in any of those camps.  I liked all three of them.  I may not collect some of them, but they work.  Then again most of us here in the Lamley world like realism.  The after-market looks of all three obviously didn’t work for a lot of you.

2016 Hot Wheels Model of the Year:

(Coming in a separate post.)

Best 2016 Matchbox Licensed New Model:


1. 2015 Volvo V60 Wagon
2. 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X


1. 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X
2. 2015 Volvo V60 Wagon

So we agreed, only we flip flopped the choices.  Both the Volvo and Skyline represent a return to what we hope and expect from Matchbox: creative licensed model choices executed in the most realistic manner possible.  One was a wagon (awesome) and the other a classic, stock take on a very popular classic Japanese car.

You have seen it in the comments many times.  Hot Wheels does a model, usually in a racing or aftermarket style, and someone will say “I wish Matchbox would do this one so we can have a more stock version.”  I say the same thing, and for so long that is what I loved about Matchbox.  But while there were some great models released the last few years (BMW 1M, Dodge A100) that represented that, there weren’t enough.  We finally seem to be moving out of the muck a little.  It isn’t perfect, but it is a lot better.  These two models definitely represent that.

To me, the Skyline is the more significant of the two.  It has been awhile since Hot Wheels collectors made their way down the aisle to check the Matchbox pegs, but the Skyline caused them to do it.  It got a lot of attention, and it deserved it.  Popular or not, it is beautiful, especially, from my point of view, with that beautiful intact surfline above the rear wheel.

15 Replies to “Here are the 2016 Lamley Award Reader’s Choices, along with my selections…”

  1. Well, I agree with some choices, not with others…

    But my main thought here concerns one of the readers' choices for most disappointing Hot Wheels new model…the 2005 Ford Mustang GT. While this is definitely not one of my favorite models introduced, the innovation Mattel built into it is VERY exciting for me. The adjustable chin spoiler is a little nugget of ingenuity that I think bodes well for Hot Wheels in general. Like many collectors, I despise the up-sloped chin on certain models. I do, however, understand the necessity of having it, from a play value perspective. So when Hot Wheels builds in a feature that essentially gives you the best of both worlds, it gets my attention. This kind of original thinking is awesome, so while I'm not pumped about the Mustang overall, I salute its existence, and certainly hope to see this feature on more models.

  2. Another major snub: the '17 NSX. Inch-perfect accuracy, crisp detailing, and the perfect wheels to launch it with. Maybe it will get noticed in the 2017 Best Super TH voting?

    I am actually wondering where the Lambo and the NSX went on the leaderboard. Any complete tabulation of results?

    (Special mention to the Renault Sport RS01 and Porsche 991 GT3RS, which I think could win Best Recolor if we had the award, and GT350R Shelby 'Stang, which was just two points short of getting in to my Top 5.

  3. Agreed. Sure they're awesome, but what about the Renault-Alpine line-up? Jag's storied racing (and non-racing) history? The great rally legends of the Group B days? Gorgeous classics from Rover and Citroen, not to mention Panhard, NSU, Mercedes, and many others? Constant repetitions on a Skyline theme are getting quite old to me at this point and Mattel is aching for an injection of something non-JDM. The HW American Classics were a good start, as is the new V60, but unfortunately JDM sells best I assume.

  4. Well, I guess I can say we couldn't have been more different. I am waiting for the lime recolor of the Huracan Super Trofeo, among other models that I reckon would look better in this color than the launch ones.

    Eh, what the s*** am I talking about? Sorry. Carry on.

  5. It doesn't help that the particular Mustang is based on the SEMA Show Mustang, which not a whole lot of people appreciate (not a whole lot of people like SEMA, really), and the bitter taste of 2015's ruined C7.R still lingered.

    But I agree. When I saw the pull-down splitter, I applauded. I didn't take the Mustang, but not because I like it–the blue recolor is better–but I knew that now, finally, there is a fix for the Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3, and that, should Hot Wheels push playability over can't-believe-it's-one-dollar realism, there is a way to create a car that can be two things to two kinds of people. It's not too hard to find race cars that use the transform front–look at the McLaren 650S GT3, and the Porsche 911 RSR GTE (both '14 and '17). The lower bumper of the Bentley Continental GT3 is all splitter and intake, and considering its heft IRL, I wouldn't mind the transform front in it.

    Push for realism, of course, especially now that Hot Wheels has its momentum with regards to modern race cars, but if it comes down to Best for Track, put the splitter mechanism. And make it lockable.


    Anyway… has anyone even tried the Renault RS01, the lowest-sitting of the bunch–round HW playsets?

  6. Well, I don't agree with the 2005 Mustang been a bad model. I think it match perfecty the real deal. Propabobly people voted for it because of the orange windows. So what? Just buy the grey version with black smoked windows and switch it! The Volvo is fanstastic, but the skyline, hey… I mean it's ok, but c'mon. I like the Ram better.

    Finaly, I wish Mattel will bring more Muscle and Exotics cars in the hot wheels basics, and less JDM and Vw's casting variations… Exemple : Koenigsegg Regera, Bugatti Chiron (i know it's gone but) Lamborghini Centenario, (bring back Ferrari), Pagani Zonda Cinque, The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR,

    For Matchbox, I hope they bring cars that we see a lot on the streets, to make variation on traffic cars (Honda Accord/ civic, Toyota Camry/Corrola, Chevrolet Malibu/Impala, Ford Fusion/Ranger.. like for all manufacturers. Of Course get rid of the ugly ass generics and bring the old and realistic one from 2005-2010.(but we all know that's not gonna happen).

    And Finaly, New police cars, maybe a GMC Ambulance, A new pierce fire truck will be nice.

  7. You can forget about Ferrari. That property now belongs to Maisto/Bburago, and maybe Kyosho in some minor capacity. It will be a long time before Hot Wheels gets that license back.

    1. Seriously?!? The 2017 Hot Wheels N case will have a Mclaren and a Skyline, lets see which one sells better.

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