Prepare for an onslaught of the new Fast & Furious toy line from Mattel…

The talk among collectors the last few days has been the discovery of larger scale Fast & Furious models from Mattel hitting stores.


A photo posted by Las Vegas Diecast Hunter (@diecast_hunter) on Jan 1, 2017 at 9:19pm PST


I have heard Toys R Us, Walmart, and I just saw this set at Target:

These models are more in the 1:52 scale range, and are badged Mattel, not Hot Wheels.  And they are cool.

Early last year Mattel announced a primary licensing partnership with the Universal and the Fast & Furious franchise, one that goes far beyond the Hot Wheels Fast & Furious cars we have seen the last few years.  The new partnership, among many elements, means a Fast & Furious branded toy line separate of the other diecast brands Mattel owns, like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Pixar Cars.  In fact, think of this line less like Hot Wheels and more like the Pixar line.  It is a Fast & Furious toy universe, so to speak.  There will be diecast lines, playsets, and other related toys.

And they are coming to a store near you fast and…um…furious.  They will be everywhere.  The Fast & Furious line is part of Mattel’s Toy Box Division, where Mattel keeps some of their boutique brands like Matchbox.  In fact, Gerry Cody and the gang that have been bringing Matchbox back to glory have been a big part of developing the new F&F line.  And they are pretty excited about it.

Oh, and in case you wondering, this won’t have any impact on the Hot Wheels Fast & Furious assortments and models we have seen.  A new batch is hitting stores soon, and word is there are other exciting Hot Wheels/F&F models on the horizon.

There is a lot more info and product from this new line to come, and it should be pretty exciting leading up to the release of the new movie later this year.  Stay tuned…

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  1. All of this hoorah for nothing. You gave us pics of cars that are 1:52 when the majority of our collections are 1:64 cars. I think the proper way to have introduced them first as Hot Wheels(with pics),then the 1:52 line as Pixar cars. This article did nothing to boost my excitement except to tell me there's some big ones coming…

  2. The Dodge Ram with the snow plow and the International MXT are both pretty close to 1/64. The Ram is actually a little smaller than the Greenlight Ram. The MXT looks monstrous but the real one is montrous and it also works out pretty close to 1/64.

  3. More useless crap but of course lame group will hype it up cause the scalpers need all the help they can get to over price it. Watch by years end it will be clearance items.

  4. I mean no offence but to everyone commenting about how these aren't 1:64 and should not be mentioned here without a disclaimer pointing this out, a large chunk of HotWheels and Matchbox aren't really 1:64 either. They're all sized to fit snugly in the standard sized blisters so a lot of smaller vehicles end up bigger and a lot of bigger vehicles end up smaller than true 1:64 scale. I know this is pedantic but I felt it's worth pointing out.

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