Registration for the 2017 Matchbox Gathering of Friends Convention begins tonight, especially if you want to be part of the first 75…

So remember when – in what seems like just a few days ago – Gerry and Abe and the Matchbox Team were standing up in front of us in Albuquerque, New Mexico showcasing all the upcoming 2017 New Models?

And remember the models that attendees brought home, a Dodge A100 in spectraflame red and Mazda Miata that paid tribute to the Le Mans-winning 787B?

And remember all the room-to-room trading, relaxing nights in the New Mexico desert, the Toy Show on Sunday, and all of those killer models you brought home?

Well, only if you were there last year would you remember those last couple of tidbits.  The rest you might have seen from afar, but sadly you would not have been able to participate.  But you really should this year.

The Matchbox Gathering is this July in New Mexico, which will be here quicker than you know.  But even more important, registration begins at Midnight MST tonight.   Get signed up, then reserve your hotel room, and arrange your travel.  Because you want to come.  And we want you there.

And as always, if you are one of the first 75 to register and pay for your ticket (instructions are below), you will receive a special variation of the Dinner Model.  That variant is limited to 75 pieces and is thus an extremely rare piece.  Unless you want to pay exorbitant prices on eBay for one, this is how to get one, and trust me, demand for this model is going to be very high.

In fact, Jim Gallegos, who organizes the event, provided us with a couple of teasers of the Dinner Model deco:

Well, we know there will be red involved, and we know the number 15 is present, clearly celebrating the 15th Gathering, but that is it.  Still, if previous Gathering models are any indication, this will be a model you will be very happy to have.

The event is July 21st through 23rd, at the Albuquerque Marriott in New Mexico.  In order to qualify for the first 75 you must register AND pay Jim via PayPal.  All the instructions and registration form are included in this link, and use DocHub to fill it out and email it back.  Or you can print it out and send it in.  Remember, registration starts tonight at Midnight MST and nothing will be accepted before then.

Hope to see you all there!

2017 Matchbox Gathering Registration Form

4 Replies to “Registration for the 2017 Matchbox Gathering of Friends Convention begins tonight, especially if you want to be part of the first 75…”

  1. This gathering really isn't a possiblity to most people but it's nice you share. Looking forward to the new models and your report. What ever happened to the ambassadors reports? Whatever hapened to the Q&As.

  2. Ambassador reports were replaced by Matchbox having an Instagram account (@matchboxworld). I don't really know what happened to Q&A's. I suppose just part of Ambassador reports going away.

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