Ryu Asada unveils the brand new Hot Wheels Ford GT LM (and it has the floating pillar)…

Look, I really want to do more standard Lamley features.  I have several ready to go, including a look at some of the old HW Modern Classics from a few years ago.  But damn if Hot Wheels and other diecast companies don’t keep rolling out the news.

I love this time of year.  We don’t know all of what is coming, so everything teased is brand new news.  And here is some very welcome news.  Designer Ryu Asada dropped this on his Instagram:


While I don’t know what the official name is for the casting, that is obviously the Ford GT LM, which won the last 24 hours of Le Mans.  This looks to have a standard Ford livery, and I do wonder if the livery of the Le Mans winning car is in the future.  Hopefully Ryu will post more angles, because this appears to be a beauty.  I surefire addition to the collection…

(And I just found out that this one has actually replicates one of the coolest elements of the real Ford GT, the floating pillar.  The actual floating pillar is there.  How cool is that?)

It is so cool to see these sneaks popping up all over Instagram by way of the designers.  We collectors obviously gobble up this information, and this is better than grainy pics of stolen items out of the factory.  This seems to be a new era of information from Hot Wheels, and it is most welcome.

Now back to preparing my Modern Classics post…

20 Replies to “Ryu Asada unveils the brand new Hot Wheels Ford GT LM (and it has the floating pillar)…”

  1. BTW… obviously there will be a fight for this model. A big fight. One that is hard to win. Somebody's going to hoard 20 of these without even thinking of the children who would find this cool and, by extension, the racing series that the real thing participates in, cool. And there's a substantial amount of scalpers who would do just that.

    Be careful that you don't become that kind of person.

    Aside: Hot Wheels, please, for the love of God, properly retool the C7.R, please? We deserve a better racing Corvette. That new casting deserves competition. That competition has got to be C7.R.

  2. Remember this is lame group where scalpers are welcomed as long as they cut a deal to provide the HTF cars to them for exposure. Sadly this will be scalped but lame group will have it and direct people to the people selling it for 15-20 bucks each cause that is a “fair” price.

  3. “Has the floating pillar!” Umm earth to dumb asses the regular model has the floating pillar too and just like that one the sides (behind the doors) will be filled in by the interior/wing section so be prepared to be disappointed again like you bitched and moaned about the reg, super, and Forza release.

  4. I don't understand why Drunk Vader is commenting here – if you don't like Lamley and what it stands for or promotes, why are you reading and commenting on it's posts?

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