Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels D Case…

The Hot Wheels D Case arrived today from A&J Toys, and I jumped right on opening it.

Partly because I want to see what is inside, partly because I want to see how doing a video looks with the Tomicarama and new rotating display.  And new camera and new light.  Fun fun.

Seriously, I just wanted to play with toys.  What model should I showcase first?

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  1. As you know, we've had all these in the UK since the end of November – but I still can't find the Tooned Lambo, Silverado, silver 911 or especially the Kafer Racer which is the one I really want! Odd that your box didn't have a Gas Monkey Corvette but they seem to be pretty rare and sought after anyway.

  2. How much did you jizz in your pants finding that Z? I'm sure your buddies will be selling it for a fair 30 or more each car. Your scalper buddies will also be snagging them all up while you defend them as being “true collectors that put in the work”

  3. Great unboxing…love the new setup. However, the volume level was significantly reduced…had computer turned all the way up and still missed several things you said. Are you a different distance from the camera? Thanks!

  4. The rooster car is part of a Chinese calendar-themed series that has been going since at least 2012. The cars have a red or red-and-white paint job:

    2012—year of the Dragon: Rodzilla
    2013—year of the Snake: I'm not sure, as I never found this one
    2014—year of the Horse: Horseplay
    2015—year of the Goat: Carbonic
    2016—year of the Monkey: D-Muscle
    2017—year of the Rooster: Turbo Rooster

    I also don't know if this was going on before 2012; that was simply the first time I noticed it. The Turbo Rooster appears to be the first time a casting has debuted with this livery, and I would guess that the casting was designed with the livery in mind.

  5. I'm not keeping up with lamley so I'm a little late in my comments but while some of the hw are nice I was admiring the tomicarama more. Was this a recent or previous released?

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