Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Matchbox B Case…

This will be a very interesting year for Matchbox.  2016 got our hopes up that Matchbox was taking a turn for the better.  While still littered with some goofy generics, there were a lot of models to get excited about, culminating with the Nissan Skyline and Volvo

Then the 2017 New Models were announced, with highlights like the Mercedes Benz AMG 6×6 and Datsun 510 Rally.  Of course the 6×6 showed up as the Toy Fair Model, previewing what was to come, and 2016 Batch A started strong with the return of the SLR McLaren and ’59 Chevy Wagon.

So where do we go from there?  Here is Batch B, provided by A&J Toys, which I opened on the Lamley YouTube Channel.  A little mixed.  What do you think?

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  1. I can't say I'm a fan of the black windows/no interior, just looks like those cheap Chinese cars you can buy in Poundland. Mattel don't always stick to the 4 part rule, I have a Hot Wheels Road Trippin' Backwoods Bomb that has a camper top as well as clear glass and an interior. Would it really hurt to give us 5 parts on some models?

  2. Not a “troll” if what he says is true and so far every comment I've seen him post is completely true. You lie about everything. Remember the gasser fiasco on Instagram? If not I have screen shots of your blatant lies. If it lines lame berts pockets nothing is off limits.

  3. If you watch/read toy or any other reviews when the reviewer gets an item direct from the manufacturer they state “this is on loan” and it is shipped back to the manufacturer or to the next reviewer. All this guy does is keep them not returning them to the proper owners (Mattel/Matchbox). As some pointed out they claimed to get a Candy Striper 55 gasser but when they showed the back it had a number sticker on the back (an image since been removed from the review) had it been a sample piece it would have had a “sample” sticker. He ether got it from a shady eBay seller or worker from Mattel.

    This guy wanted it to be the American version of T-hunted but didn't have the resources and knew in order to suck up to matchbox/Mattel he'd have to drop them but still help them out so they could get stuff early from T-hunted insiders (the workers in Mattel).

    Hell look how long it took this jackass to finally admit he gets the cases for free from wheelcollectors, A&J toys, Japan booster club, and others to “review” on YouTube something that has to be stated in the video and description.

    Pure and simple he is a scum bag who is only into to show off and line the pockets of the scalpers.

  4. Wow, you would think that the Matchbox, Tomica and other manufacturers would just plain stop sending nuggets of either information or cars themselves or prototypes if all he ever does is steal steal steal. Give me a break guys and GET A LIFE outside of combing the internet looking at things/videos of people doing what you must lust after or what have you. This world RUNS on kickbacks, proven or unproven, you tell me that word of mouth isn't anything less than PR work for what ever you talk about. If the word gets out, it gets pointed out and proliferated and in this digital age, at least it is finally getting some notice by the folks that can do something about it. If it were not for all these videos done by folks both pro and amateur, we wouldn't get the think tank back at Mattel or any other company to GET IT what the public actually wants. I mean in the grand scheme of things, tiny diecast bits of metal that look like cars and have 4(or more sometimes)wheels won't do anything for anybody, but at least they give joy for a few fleeting moments to the person that finds them, buys them or looks at them. Now, on another point, that poor car salesman took a major tumble at the beginning of the video, hope you got some EMTs out to help him up and see to his wounds. Can't wait to hear about his condition as soon as you read this John. 🙂

  5. Drunk Vader you're as whiny as Anakin in Episode III. Nothing has been stolen, these aren't the droids you're looking for. If you don't like a blog you don't have to read it. There are many of us who love Lamley Group and really enjoy reading the posts and watching the videos.

  6. Once again you all missed the point the cars are supposed to be returned after reviewing. This jack ass keeps them basically preventing others from doing reviews on the castings. The lame group is a monopoly with the cars. He is a scum bag but you all go ahead and kiss is ass make sure to give him a reach around.

  7. Two things: first off, I think it's a fair deal in most industries dealing with low-cost items such as these for reviewers to be sent the product for free in return for the marketing value. Seeing as Lamley is widely read and has influenced several model releases in the recent past, I can see why Mattel would see reason to keep sending them; if Lamley truly is scamming them they would have stopped a long time ago. Also, what would sending back the cars even achieve? No one's going to re-open the same case again, it would either just go to discount shops or be discarded by the company like the 1:1 press cars that journalists drive. Side note: I think Lamley also has a much better relationship with Mattel than T-Hunted after their vow to no longer show pirated material. Anyways, second point is that I don't see what you're trying to achieve here other than waste hot air. Ok, you don't like their policies, we get it, but just because there's a few haters isn't going to change the whole picture just like there may be a few alt-righters out there but this isn't going to become a fascist country. There is a system in place which may not be the best, but it works so there's no use whining about corruption when you can do nothing about it.

  8. The issue isn't the review or the free stuff its the constant lies. When the pink gasser came out he had it months early, posted a photo of it on his Instagram was asked about it then lied REPEATEDLY saying he didn't have it despite photo evidence. I contacted Mattel directly asking them what their review threshold was, more specifically “what kind of traffic needs to be seen by mattel for them to send review product?” I also passed along screen shots asking about the lying incident. I asked why they would want to associate with a liar. The response was this “There is no policy in place, The Lamley Group has developed relationships with employees by going to conventions and as such has been able to get things for free to review.” So basically if you suck enough dick you can get anything you want and therein lies the issue that many people have with Mr. Lambert. If you go back on the blog, way back maybe 2 years you see that he was all about leaking stuff from the factory, he promoted Jenni's Treasures on eBay who always has stuff way way early and then suddenly he started getting stuff for free from Mattel and he totally stopped with the leaks. As if all the sudden he morally realized it was wrong, except he didn't, he was essentially paid off (with free cars) to shut up about the leaks. The other issue is that for a long time he didn't disclose that he was getting stuff for free, which is a violation of federal law. I reported him many many times for this to the FTC however they are so backed up that it ended up not getting handled. The other issue with the Free RLC cars is that he still buys more of them. So he gets them for free then uses his RLC membership to buy more, then gloats about it on Instagram.

    In conclusion, the fellow is deceptive as fuck. If he can make a buck he will do it with no regard for the hobby or otherwise.

    So why do I come to this blog if I hate this dude so much? I started coming here for a feature called “as is the custom” which has long been gone. Now I just lurk because so many people think his word is the gospel when in reality he's a lying scum out to make a buck off of deceiving people which I am not ok with.

    “How is he making money?” Look at this site, affiliate ads all over the damn place. eBay affiliate, Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate, Japan Booster. Anytime someone clicks one of those links he gets a kickback. Now I may be wrong with the Japan Booster as it may be that they send him free shit in exchange for an ad on the site but its the same principle. It's not as simple as just clicking and buying what you were shown, I'm not 100% sure about eBay but I know that Amazon affiliate gives kickback for anything bought within a certain time frame on their site to the affiliate.

  9. Of course not, you nuthead.
    Those prototypes are given to him, if he stole all of them 'as you claim', then Mbx and the other brands would stop sending them in the first place.

    Now, if you don't like to read this blog, then gtfo and take your bullshit away with you, there's a world out there for you to discover.
    Simply as that.

  10. I think someone's just salty. We never treated him like a god, he's just an insider who lets us know what's up. Also, he had to work to become a Mattel confidant, it's not like they just gave it to him. Also, how exactly is he deceiving us? Maybe he's deceiving you, but all I owe to him is being able to see new or limited models ahead of time. I don't intend to buy anything from him nor do I intend to figure out how he gets his stuff. Why should I care that he lies if I get what I want? That's like complaining that Clinton is a diabolical liar (which she is) while Trump goes and makes racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, and sexist comments and you say it's ok (aka T-Hunted ripping insider info). Now do I complain about T-Hunted? No. It's not worth my time or effort. And neither is it worth yours. Nothing is going to happen because you're offended by not getting free toys so I think it's time for you to keep quiet. I'm not happy either but I just don't care.

  11. Interesting discussion from both sides. I've only been looking at this blog a few months so I have no opinion about what happened in the past, it just gives me a heads-up on what I can expect to see in the shops soon, and gives me some excitement and pleasure knowing what I might find.
    As for getting paid when someone clicks through an advert, that's just the way the world works, it doesn't affect the buyer.
    I would think if Mattel had a low opinion of Lamley, they wouldn't have released a mainstream Matchbox vehicle with his name on it. Promotion and advertising in almost any form is good for the manufacturer, even leaks – it just heightens anticipation for new models.

  12. Great unboxing! Ever since moving to the new setup, though, the volume on your end is too low. Even with my laptop turned up to 100%, still missing about a third of what you say. Is there any way to increase the volume on your end to the level it was before switching to the new setup? Thanks!

  13. Ok, at the end of the day, the Lamley Group is a great blog about diecast vehicles. I also occasionally check out T-Hunted, but Lamley provides a more in-depth look at the models both on the blog and on their videos. If he gets free models for doing it more power to him. I don't always agree with him, he didn't like the Range Rover Evoque and I loved it, but he showed it from many angles so that those who were interested in it could get a good look at it. As far as any perceived disregard for the hobby, he is clearly passionate about collecting diecast models and wants to share his passion with other collectors so I applaud the Lamley Group and will continue to read it regularly.

  14. “Why should I care that he lies if I get what I want?” – So if I go shoot someone, steal their wallet, find 10 grand, give you 5 grand and tell you I sold my car to get it, that's ok because you gain from it? Holy fuck man. I have plenty of money to buy all the toy cars I want. This is about morals, and morally I don't feel right knowing about the deception and not sharing it with the world. If Mattel wants to send him free cars, fine I don't care if they send him a semi load of cars each day, as long as he is straight forward about it. Tell it like it is, there is no room in this world for deceptive liars and it's unfortunate that someone as young as you doesn't see the issue with that. Also who the fuck are you to tell me not only what I should do with my time but also to keep my mouth shut?

  15. That's not even close. Who is being harmed in this process? Oh, kids in Africa are dying because someone got free diecast. Uh, no. I'm not saying keep your mouth shut, I'm saying if you're not gonna do anything about it then stop whinging about it. Lamley's not going to change his ways. You're never going to convince enough people that he's wrong. And I still see no reason for us to care. This is why America has all the stupid disclaimers and warnings that it has. Other countries don't do that. It's because there's trust. Transparency does not have to be present, as long as the trust is there. I trust that Lamley is an honest blog with reasonable intent and purposes otherwise the companies would have nothing to do with him. Ok, if he puts a disclaimer is your fragile sense of self-righteousness suddenly be resolved? My point is that I don't see what you aim to gain with this. Would you rather have a website which buys everything and steals behind the scenes photos and therefore has limited content and an uneasy relationship with the company (aka T-Hunted–actually, what evidence do you have that T-Hunted buys their own models? I'm not accusing, genuinely curious here.) Or do you go with the trusted confidant who, yes, takes free handouts but has built up trust with suppliers and can give us the best and most reliable information out there right from the source? Basically, I don't see why you're so bothered about this. Far worse things are happening in the world and you get in a fuss because someone got free toy cars without telling you and it's “morally incorrect”. Oh, so not giving people the right to adopt children, abort unwanted pregnancies, and marry someone they love aren't important moral issues; it's just the free toy cars that we gotta protest. Gotcha.

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