Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels D Case…

2017 Hot Wheels Batch D at Wheel Collectors


They come fast my friends.  Just before close yesterday, Matt & Matt at Wheel Collectors were met with a large pallet from Mattel, full of Hot Wheels D Cases.  They threw the pallet in the shop, closed the doors, and went home for the evening.  That meant the pallet was waiting for their return this morning, and here we are.  The cases are opened, and the models are listed:

2017 Hot Wheels Batch D at Wheel Collectors

As always, they picked a random case for a Case Report, and the contents are below.  Some stuff to really look forward to, plus our favorite game, “Find the Error”.


12 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels D Case…”

  1. Very nice looking case indeed, I sure hope to see one before February, but at the rate they open them up around Houston, it could be that long, we are still on the A case. I think I will be investing in a number of these castings and passing over some of the others. I also think someone borrowed Dad's GTO and went Saturday Night Dragracing and wore down the rear tires. Let's hope he doesn't notice til Monday morning.

  2. Am I mistaken, or are these F-150's a new wheel variation? I swear the ones I have seen thus far have been on the beadlock-style wheels (like the ones on the card.) Beadlocks look better IMO.

  3. Some interesting models there, like the new Käfer Racer and the Fairlady 2000, despite the similarity with the NFS Kaido House Z, the Fugu Z is also cool. From older casting, I still have to get hands on a Yellow Submarine, the Tooned Beetle, 55 Chevy, although the new wheels would fit it better, the Porsche 934 as a place filler for the Porsche 964 Outlaw, and maybe the Formula Flashback with that Lotus-ish decoration.

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