The LOADED Tomica Limited Vintage December batch is now available to order…

Tomica Limited Vintage December Assortment at Japan Booster

Just got the word from Japan Booster that the Tomica Limited Vintage December assortment is now available to order.  And it may be the most loaded assortment yet.  You can see it and order it here:

Tomica Limited Vintage December Assortment at Japan Booster

Three Hakosuka Skylines, two Corollas, two Lancia Delta Integrales, another Silvia Super Silhouette, and two Nissan police cars.  Dang.  TLV clearly wants our Christmas budget.

There are some significant models here.  You would think I would start with the Skylines, but let’s talk Corollas.

The TLV Toyota Corolla 1500GL continues to be one of the most sought-after TLV’s.  It’s a classic Japanese car, and the three colors TLV released several years ago and getting harder and harder to find.

Thankfully TLV has been returning to some of their more popular previous castings (Honda Civic, CR-X), and now the 4th-gen Corolla is back.  This one is slightly different – hence the new model number – and looks slightly sportier.  This is one of those prime examples of models you NEED to buy now if you are even slightly considering it.  These will be gobbled up in Japan, and the prices will increase rapidly.  So now is the best time.

Next is the Silvia.  The Silvia Super Silhouette was one of my most anticipated TLV’s of 2016.  The Bluebird and Skyline Super Silhouettes are just amazing models, and until this year, the set was incomplete without the Silvia.  So since June I have enjoyed seeing these models together in my TLV display.

But TLV always goes one better.  If you like the first Silvia, then why not do another?  The ’84 Silvia Super Silhouette is part of this batch, and you Silhouette completists better jump.  If you only want one, then keep the one you have.  If you missed out on the first, then get this one.  The differences are minute, but they are there.  If anything, it is a chance to get one at a good price.

And of course, those Skylines.  This is the new Hakosuka casting, released last month.  That came in two colors, and now we get three more.  I can’t stress enough how nice these are.  If you love the surfline of the Matchbox Skyline release, get one of these.  The Japanese Era release with the black roof is probably a great one if you only want one, but I have my eyes on the purple release.

Then are Lancia Delta Integrales, two more colors of another significant release in 2016.  It just goes on and on.  Go grab those you want.  Like I always say, you won’t be disappointed.  These are not about chases, or multiples, or the hunt.  These are for the true 1:64 scale collector…

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  1. That black Cedric is from the movie Mata Mata Abunai Deka.

    In a usual piece of 'continuity error', they start out the chase in that 1981 Cedric but when a plastic net falls on the car, it is switched to a 1979 Cedric. The car subsequently ended up getting flipped.

    I can see the door being opened for Seibu Keisatsu late model unmarked Cedrics…

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