Every Minichamps Diecast ever is now on hobbyDB…

Anyone collect Minichamps?

There are quite a few of you that do, especially outside of the US.  I haven’t featured them here, mainly because I don’t have any (wish I did), and also because they focus mostly on scales outside of 1/64.

But man these models are beautiful.  And you can find every one of them at hobbyDB.

Yesterday hobbyDB announced that they have partnered with Minichamps to create their official archive.  That means every Minichamps model ever produced is there.  All scales, all styles.

This is an exciting development, not only for Minichamps fans, but for diecast collectors in general.  It is another step in the right direction for hobbyDB, as they work to become the best resource for anything collectible.

You can see the archive here.

Check it out, and be sure to let them know what you think.  From what I have learned after dealing with hobbyDB for the last few months, they run with two mantras – Catalog everything, and always improve.  We can help them with both…

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