I am a very serious collector. So why to I like Tomicaramas so much?

So, my YouTube setup.

Love the vintage Matchbox Store display in the background.  I was so happy to acquire one, and even though it takes a ton of space, I love having it serve as the backdrop for the videos.

I even like my little turntable.  It helps showcase loose models without you having to stare at my hands too much.  Consider that a win.  But it needs something else.  How about a Matchbox Unboxing with this?

Granted, all those cars there would make it a little difficult, but once I got the set out there was nothing that could stop me from putting cars on it.  I started with the new TLV Hakosukas and before I knew it I was adding more TLV’s, then some Auto Worlds just for kicks, and then some accessories.

If you are not familiar with the Bayside Motors Used Car lot, it isn’t an old Saved by the Bell toy set. It is actually a Tomicarama.  In other words, a Tomica Limited Vintage Diorama, but you probably figured that out.

TLV has released several Tomicaramas, from Used Car lots like this one to Police Stations to Service Stations and so on.  I have set up this Bayside Motors set and the Shell Gas Station, but I have a couple of others to set up as well.

There is something about these.  I don’t know what it is that makes it so fun to set these up.  I thought I got past that, but then again, I collect toy cars.  These sets are way more about the cars themselves then any fight for a Super or hoard of a Skyline.  This is pure fun.

And I am not alone.  Judging by the prices people bid on the Tomicaramas in the Japan Booster Holiday Sale ($140 to $255 each), many of you want these too.  The sets are highly detailed, just like their TLV vehicle counterparts, and folks are willing to pay for them.  And once you have one, set it up.

It is time.  As long as don’t get too carried away during my YouTube Videos and start playing Zack and Jesse’s Bayside Motors Dealership, I think it could be fun to have the Tomicaramas serve as a backdrop for the videos as well.  It’s just more fun.

I will get out the other sets and show them here and on the videos as soon as I can.

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  1. Auto World 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix in Gulfstream Blue. Since it is an exact scale 1:64 model, it is perfect for displaying alongside Tomica Limited Vintage models, which are also exact 1:64 scale.

    It being a full size American car of that era,it serves to show how small most Japanese cars were back in the day, compared to what we were used to seeing in the streets over here in the 1960's!

    That Pontiac is my favorite Auto World casting to date, and it is absolutely beautiful in that color.


  2. That is crazy money for plastic! I don't care how detailed it is. I'm building a Chevy dealership and it's not costing me a dime. When done it will be up on Istagram @phillywheels. As far as tomica being a great die cast company I agree but those of us already collecting HW and MBX may feel the size difference don't work at least in my case anyway. Although they are much superior in detail.

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