Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels C Case…

After previewing the Hot Wheels D and E Assortment finds in the UK yesterday, let’s take a step back to the C Case, which hasn’t been found here or in the UK.  Some nice recolors, and an instant new model classic in the model pictured above.

A&J Toys sent out this C Case, and as always I opened it on camera.  Enjoy:

4 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels C Case…”

  1. So far we saw only generics and recolours from Hot Wheels. And given that 2/3 of Matchbox assortment is also generic crap, not much of my money will be going to Mattel in 2017.

  2. Not much for me. I am torn, I love that HW are doing a lot of classic Porsches, but I am disappointed we are not seeing more racing liveries on the 934. How about it? Red Momo? Brumos? Martini? Kremer? Even make them close. I would almost take a HW racing livery.

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