A $uper, a variation, and other gems from the Hot Wheels D & E cases found in the UK…

The Super has been found.  The Surf Crate is the E Case Super, and a few collectors in the UK found them in this onslaught of Hot Wheels short cards they have been dealing with the last few days.

The model looks good, although it isn’t my cup of tea and crumpets.  Based on the response to the earlier post on these finds, the ’56 Ford Pickup is the model to be had, especially with the new wheels.     I am sold.  I asked my friend @jckyphotography to find me one, which he did:

A photo posted by JCKY Photography (@jckyphotography) on Nov 28, 2016 at 5:53am PST


So yeah, I have one coming for a feature.  (Tesla and FuguZ too.)  Can’t wait.

Oh, and that Toyota is pretty awesome to, right?  FuguZ, ’56 Ford, new wheels, toilet and toaster cars, and a slew of other gems.  Such a nice batch.  Can’t wait to see them here, but let’s celebrate the UK’s luck this season.  Nice to see them getting stuff first for once.

Of course to make things more fun, there is a variation to look for too:

No idea which will be more rare, but my guess is the PR5.  We will see as these batches start hitting.  Man this batch is loaded…

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  1. Yep, loving this batch – seen the non-gasser '55 Chevy yet? I've seen almost every car in the new batch except the Kafer Racer which is of course the one I want the most. Got some big stores in my sights tomorrow though!

  2. Was lucky enough to find this case yesterday.. Great mix, FuguZ a highlight, seems to share some elements (logically) with the Kaido house Fairlady Z from last year…Tesla looks great, has a subtle body kit on it too…weird how the UK has suddenly jumped ahead…this time last year mix C had just hit…

  3. Here in the U.K., it's great to have seen E case get released early and without any prior notice. We've still no scene of C or D case, although one or two models have surfaced (art cars Monster Dairy Delivery, Honda Odyssey etc). Fortunately, managed to score most of them Monday in a couple of branches of Asda (the U.K. Branch of Wal-Mart)

  4. Between September and mid-November I encountered a massive Hot Wheels drought at the major supermarkets, so this is very good news indeed.

    Shout out to Poundworld, as that's where I found several end of 2016 releases eventually.

  5. It says 'Hot wheels baja racing' in a sort of mirror effect, the smaller white tampos say vetusky and jones…this case has also landed at TRU and Morrisons in the UK now…

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