Oh no Car Culture Redliners isn’t JDM! Go get it anyway…

Of course I am setting myself up for grief with a headline like that.  Hopefully now that “JDM Hype” label that Lamley has dealt with has now faded away, and we move on to just “cool diecast hype”.

Hype or not, Redliners is awesome.  Bigger picture, Car Culture is awesome.  After four assortments in 2016, with their 5-car sets, great variety, and amazing artwork, Car Culture continues strong in 2017.  And that is key, because the stronger the assortments, the more we buy, and the likelihood hood of Car Culture continuing into 2018 gets stronger.

So Redliners is most welcome.  It is nice to see Car Culture go Muscle, even though there are a few Mustang fans pouting over in the corner.  I am sure your days is coming, oval guys.  For now go buy the Cougar.

It is a little odd as a Hot Wheels collectors to say that a muscle-themed assortment is a breath of fresh air, but that is the case now.  It isn’t that muscle is being ignored, it is more that variety has increased. Car Culture is a great example.  Several brands, different regions of the world, and all kinds of styles.

Even the take on muscle in Redliners is different.  Some look stock, others more modified.  The Cougar and Camaro are clean, and the Charger, Gasser, and Vette all carry different deco styles.  I don’t know if we would see decos like the Magnus Walker red, white, and blue deco a few years ago, but we are now.  Classic muscle for sure, but with a modern car guy take.

Do I have a favorite?  No idea.  Maybe the Cougar, but that can change.  All I can say is this set impresses in person.  Moreso than in pics.  Target has them, and they were able to get them early, so go get them.  They will be hitting all over this week.

Have fun…

14 Replies to “Oh no Car Culture Redliners isn’t JDM! Go get it anyway…”

  1. and where are the front and rear details?! Some of the recent castings have been great, but what keeps some of them from being perfect are the front and rear lights.

    I know it would cost them a bit more to do, but I think most collectors would pay another $1 a car to make them a finished product!

  2. The Charger is number one on my list. I'm a sucker for a red white and blue paint scheme and this one is so MOPAR. Gasser is number two for me. I love the gasser tool. Next is the Corvette it just has a gut level appeal. I can take or leave the rest but I do like how clean the Camaro is.

  3. Just wondering if this blog purposely gets sent cars with relatively on-point tampos. A lot of the cars I see showcased here have great tampos whereas I have to search high and low for the same cars with acceptable tampos that aren't misaligned or scratched off (M4s and Odysseys first come to mind in recent memory).

    Case in point, I went to a store that just put a fresh batch of these Redliners on the pegs and the two Chargers had peeling/missing bits on the red and blue tampos whereas the one shown here look 99% complete.

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