Is the BMW M4 today’s most underrated Hot Wheels model?

There has to be a spectrum right?

With the Lamley Awards we try and define that spectrum a bit, with Best New Model to Most Disappointing, or Best to World Super.

But what about overrated to underrated?  That is probably a bit subjective as well.  Overrated?  I am not going to go there.  I could say the Beatles Sub for example, but while the hype probably got a bit out of control, the fact is it a pretty unique model, and an interesting Hot Wheels release.

Underrated is easier.  A cool model that seems to always get overlooked.  No one is going to post a photo of their 76 purchases of models like that, nor are these models ever hard to find.  But when you really look at an underrated model you see it is probably better executed than most other models.

And right now that Hot Wheels model is the BMW M4.

The BMW has gotten a little more play the last few days thanks to Kmart Collector Days.  The 2017 release in dark blue is too nice looking to not notice.  So that’s nice.  But that is the fifth release, after four fantastic versions.  We now have five releases, all in great colors, all with front and rear tampos.

Clearly last year’s red and white versions got a little grief for the wheel choice.  The trap5’s have never been a collector fave, even though I think they look pretty good on certain models.  They actually don’t bother me on these, especially the white.

But even if you don’t like those because of the wheels, how about the 2015 New Model releases?  Looking back and should have given the Yas Marina Blue and Austin Yellow BMW’s more love during the 2015 Lamley Awards.  Hot Wheels created a realistic casting, gave it realistic details, and even better, surprisingly accurate colors.  Those two make up one of my favorite Hot Wheels pairs.

And now we have this handsome Tanzanite Blue release – all five are in real BMW colors – sitting on J5’s which work really well.

Sure, I don’t see the pallet raiders hustling to Walmart to hoard the M4, but everyone should have at least one of each release in their collections.  Today’s collector loves realism, and Hot Wheels gave it to us big time with this one…
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8 Replies to “Is the BMW M4 today’s most underrated Hot Wheels model?”

  1. This is the best release of the M4 according to me. I really love that colour! The execution of the casting leaves a bit to be desired (HW nailed the E92, E30 and 2002) but that's just nitpicking. This will be going in my collection regardless.

  2. My main issue with the M4 is that it's a huge pain trying to find one where the front and rear tampos are aligned correctly. This has been the case for me for every one of those colors.

  3. The big thing is most of these have terrible tampo placement. and the rear tail lights dont cover the whole tail light area that is clearly visible in the mold. But still very nice, I just dont like bmw very much and only collect what I like,.

  4. Actually, the M4 has a carbon fiber roof. Which is why the went with using part of the glass, to show off the carbon fiber weave more effectively; which is what you couldn't do as well with a solid roof.

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