Showcase: Majorette multipacks and Limited Edition Series 3…

Some of you will call them chase models.  Majorette calls them Limited Editions.

We here in the US are used to the random chase, so that is the barometer we use for chases of all kinds.  And we obsess about them.  Well Majorette does something similar.  They do Limited Editions, and while I haven’t totally figured out how they are distributed, I know they are worth having.

Majorette was kind enough to send me all six Series 3 Limited Edition models.  Most came in multipacks, and one carded.  The paint on these is fantastic – spectraflame-like – and I can’t wait to photograph them.  Which I will, and will post soon.

For now, here is the YouTube Showcase.  Enjoy.

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  1. Cool video! The blue hatch is a Renault Twingo,which unusually is rear engined (shares platform with the Smart for4). Hope you guys get Majorette over there soon, they seem to be expanding into more and more retailers here…

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