Case Report: Opening a 2017 Matchbox A Case…

Matchbox 2017 Batch A at Wheel Collectors

Welcome to 2017 Matchbox.

It seems like we haven’t seen new stuff from Mattel for awhile.  At least longer than usual.  So it is nice to see the first Matchbox case of 2017.

Our friends at Wheel Collectors got their shipment today and, as always, picked a case at random to open and photograph for Lamley readers.  All the models are listed at their store now:

Matchbox 2017 Batch A at Wheel Collectors

(And don’t forget to check out the other Matchbox listings as well.  Tons of Golden Age stuff to pick up as part of the Matchbox Sale at Wheel Collectors.)

Anyway, there are a few things to look for moving into 2017 with Matchbox.  We already know what 2017 New Models are coming, but we want to see how many more licensed and realistic models will be included.  We also want to see, in a small 24-count case, what models are included in multiples.  They tend to be new castings, and let’s hope they are the models that will be snagged the fastest.

So here we go.  The first Matchbox case of 2017.  Enjoy the pics, and let me know what you think.

Not bad.  Some holdovers from the last case of 2016, which is fine, and the repeats are probably what will be the two most popular models of the batch, the Chevy Wagon and Mercedes SLR McLaren.  More when we do an unboxing video.

What do you think?

9 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2017 Matchbox A Case…”

  1. Poor as usual. Again, 2/3 of the batch are crappy generics, despite all the “the Matchbox are back with great models thanks to the new team bla bla bla” shite.
    The distribution remains a joke, the batches remain stuffed with generic crap and the models that really interest collectors are impossible to find. Well done Mattel!

  2. I dont think we need foul language, and for me i dislike generics, i always have, but the current batch of generics are becoming more “real” in there look, and that cant be bad, at least there is not crocodile mouth or shark tail etc etc etc – as for your sums, go back and try again.

    I love the Mini, you can do one of them every year for ever as far as i am concerned, the Merc, well, its been done in silver, twice already, how about another colour ? The BIMMER, nice colour goes well with this car, theVolvo, is lovely and the return of the F-100 is a lovely surprise.

    The disappointment for me is the black windows on the classic yank tank wagon, the colour looks wrong, and the windows make it look cheap, i will have one or two if i ever find some, but for me the Volvo is the main collector model followed on its bumper by the Mini.

  3. The Chevy wagon appears to have been rushed. How about some 50's turquoise instead of the red? Blacked out windows detract from the overall look quite a bit.

    The McLaren is welcome back. Even though I have 2 from the initial release I would pick up another given the chance. One of the best $1 toy cars ever.

  4. Though I have to admit I can't wait for buying couples of Mercedes, Volvo and Mini, there are still too many generics in this case, 13 generics out of 24 cars. A disappointed start.

  5. Glad to see Mercedes Benz back at Mattel! I will enjoy finding another SLR to have in the package! I really like the Mr. Bean themed Mini! The '59 Chevy Wagon is pretty nice but, like others have mentioned, it could've been better. But the '55 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery makes up for it!

    Despite these nice vehicles, also just like many have already said, way too many generics! I thought this was coming to a stop! Mattel needs to realize that these absolutely don't sell and just need to focus more on realistic licensed vehicles! Or if you're going to sell generics, make them look realistic like back in the Golden Age.

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