The Ford F-350 Superduty is a surprise Matchbox New Model in 2017…

It was a surprise for everyone, including Matchbox.

Soon after presenting the list of 2017 New Models at the Matchbox Gathering in July, an opportunity popped up.  Skyjacker Suspensions and Ford were working on a special police vehicle for SEMA, and they called to see if Matchbox wanted to get involved.

The turnaround time was short, but the Matchbox Team went for it.  The result?  The Ford Superduty MBX350 Peacemaker at SEMA, and a bonus New Model for collectors in 2017.


The truck is something to behold.  Top Gear named it one of its best OEM’s at SEMA this year, and it is no surprise.  It is enormous, with a unique grey/blue livery and blue emergency lights.  SEMA is sensory overload, and the MBX350 is no exception.


The same goes for the Matchbox replica.  100 special exclusives were made for Skyjacker, and we were able to debut the model at SEMA with Gerry Cody at Matchbox:

The model is fantastic, especially for something turned around so quickly.  Consider it was literally hand-assembled days before SEMA at Matchbox Headquarters.  It sports the same livery as the actual truck, and even has a spare wheel attached to the top.

The bad news is that only 100 of these were made, and most of them went to Skyjacker clients.  The good news is this model will appear in the 2017 mainline with this same livery.  I don’t know if all the  same details will be there, but it will essentially be the same.

So the push to realistic, licensed models continues.  There are a lot of cool new models coming, and this bonus police pickup is a welcome addition…

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