November 12th Hot Wheels Kmart Collectors Cases are available now at…

Kmart Collector Days is less than a week away, so as usual, the 36-count cases are now available online for purchase.

There are some Kmarts nearby, but I don’t attend the event anymore, as I much prefer just buying a case myself.  Of course, many of you don’t have Kmarts nearby so this is definitely the way to go.  Buying a case also counts towards the mail-in, so that makes it easy as well.
This appears to be a B Case, so my guess is the Mystery Machine is the Super to look for.  More importantly, there are some great exclusives and First-to-Markets:


The Honda is sure to be a hit, but my eyes are on that stellar BMW.  The exclusives will be nice to have too.  Looks to be a little for everyone.
If you buy a case, or attend the event, be sure to report your finds.  Give us a tag on IG…

6 Replies to “November 12th Hot Wheels Kmart Collectors Cases are available now at…”

  1. Some nice pieces, but going from having about four or five Kmarts within a two hour radius to none (including one less than 15 minutes away) in less than a year makes me a lot less enthusiastic.

  2. ROW are getting some of these already. On Friday I picked up the BMW M4 and Honda Odyssey plus the BMW 3.0 CSL and Porsche 934 Turbo RSR (Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw) at a local TRU in NSW Australia.

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