The Skylines and Ferraris keep coming, and I am not sick of them at all…

Yeah I talk a lot about Skylines here.  But then again so does everyone else.

Hot Wheels has a few, Matchbox just did theirs, and now M2 is jumping into the game.  I saw a few “late to the game” comments with the M2 announcement, which I wholeheartedly disagree with.  One, there is no game.  Diecast companies should do the models they want, and models that will sell, within their brand.  M2 taking on Japanese cars is a fantastic development, and I really doubt that the reason someone would leave them on the shelf is because there have already been a ton of others released.  M2 will do their take on the Skyline, and a lot of people will add them to their M2 collections, or buy their first M2.  If they don’t like the casting, they don’t, but it won’t be because others have already done it.

Case in point?  Tomica Limited Vintage.  This November, TLV will release a brand new, pure stock Nissan Skyline 2000GT.  It is the Hakosuka, surfline intact, on stock wheels with stock height.  TLV is obviously a Japanese brand, doing mostly Japanese cars, and from a larger perspective is part of Tomica.  You can imagine how many Skylines they have done in their day.  And the folks keep buying them.  So bring it on.

And these two Hakos from TLV?  Tremendous.  And they, along with a brand new Corolla and Fiat Panda, are available now to preorder at Japan Booster:

Tomica Limited Vintage November Assortment Pre-Order at Japan Booster

The same could be said with Ferrari.  Ferrari and diecast have gone hand-in-hand, and with Mattel out of the Ferrari game for moment, I think we all wish to have it back.  No “late to the game” here either.

Kyosho has always had their way around the licensing agreements by making their 1:64 Ferraris “model kits” technically, and the 12th assortment is on its way this month.  Two new castings, the 599XX Evo and FXX K make their debut, and are bound to be gobbled up.  You can preorder the set right now as well as Japan Booster:

Kyosho Ferrari Series 12 Pre-Order at Japan Booster

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