The Frankfurt Hot Wheels Convention Report…

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This morning I heard from Michael Brand, a collector in Germany who attended the Frankfurt Hot Wheels Convention this weekend.  He sent over a few pics and I thought I would pass it on to Lamley Readers.

Hot Wheels puts on two major Conventions each year – Nationals in March, usually in the Midwest or Eastern US, and the HW Convention in October, always in Southern California.  But there are a slew of others, some that have Mattel-produced models, and some that don’t.

The Frankfurt Convention is a growing event, and is significant because it is a Hot Wheels-only event in an area that is diecast crazy for a multitude of brands.  It is put on every year by Hot Wheels Collectors Germany, a burgeoning group of HW collectors in Europe.  It would be cool to see the convention grow, and maybe even a Mattel-produced model show up one day.

For now, collectors from all over Europe gather in Frankfurt for the event, buy and sell, show off their customs, and some even take home a spectacular exclusive custom.  This year’s model, the Ford Supervan, looks like Mattel produced it themselves.

Michael provided a few photos, and a short write-up about the event.  Hopefully everyone had a great time, and if you live in Europe, make plans to attend next year.

Many thanks to Michael (who runs a Facebook Group for International Collectors as well) for the report:

The event started fairly early in the morning, and filled up very quickly with a lot of visitors, and one table after another had been filled with lots of beautiful old and new models. I talked to most members and found out that some have traveled hundreds of miles just to participate. Fellow collectors from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and even Czech Republic joined in on this big day! On top of that, a fellow collector built a limited 50 piece custom Ford Transit Van with Real Riders that looks absolutely stunning. I myself was able to secure three very detailed custom BRE`s. There was also a custom contest, in 2 categories (wild & mild ) with some beautiful customized models. I must say there was one table that had well over 3000 Models mostly from 1969 up until the late 80s with lots of French, Mexican, Leos, Italian models, Italian store displays and so much more. Overall it was a amazing convention again this year and we are looking forward to next year already.  

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  1. Double that,

    once again we at the Hot Wheels Collectors Germany (HWCGermany) had a great time at our annual convention. We met our fellow collector friends from Germany, Netherland, Tchech Republic, Belgium and …..
    Our 2016 convention car is awesome, isn't it ?

  2. Wow! That custom made Ford Supervan SHOULD be made by Hot Wheels. It's funny how there are customizers out there who design one-of-a-kind vehicles that look sometimes better than ones made from Big Blue.
    The Supervan was executed beautifully because they not only utilized the blue hue with the classic Ford white stripe treatment, but they also enhanced it with the red/white HW's logo and panel decal.
    If they used this as a Red Line Club offering with the blue in Spectraflame.. I'd be on it like stink on doo doo!!!!

  3. My name is Nick Giongco from the Philippines and I am travelling to Hamburg next month. I am interested in getting basic Hot Wheels and would like tonknow how much they sell in Germany. Thanks a lot

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