Hot Wheels designer Jun Imai unveils a VW beauty…

And yet another bomb from the desk of Designer Jun Imai:

A photo posted by Jun Imai (@kaidohouse) on Nov 4, 2016 at 11:53am PDT


This is the Volkswagen T2 Pickup, coming to the basic range in 2017.  And if you remember the preview presentation at the Convention last month, it will be part of the Art Cars line:

There is no doubt this one will be a hit, and a no brainer addition to my collection.  My guess is this casting has a bright future.  Car Culture?  Super?  RLC?  Bring it all on…

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  1. As a huge fan of both old Volkswagens and Hot Wheels, it's a yes from me! Looking at the Hot Wheels Wiki, there's a Kafer Racer Beetle coming out this year too. Both will be joining my collection for sure.
    As an aside, the UK Hot Wheels website still shows 8 or 10 cars as yet to be released for 2016, but we're already seeing the second wave of 2017 cars. An error, or is there more to come for 2016's range?

  2. As a former owner of a VW T2 Transporter Pickup this is a MUST for my collection. The first one I get will be customized to suit my preferences. Wouldn't it be great if later they restore the fold-down bed sides?

  3. This one will be a collect them all for me (and a lot of others).
    But pleeez Nr.Imai, give us a non-dropped-delete the spoiler- one (or 27) as well (I will name all my next childeren Jun)

    Going to look for a jounger wife now……

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