Hype or no hype, the Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Honda S2000 is pretty darn cool…

So this is Suki’s car.

Let me give you my Fast & Furious knowledge.  I have seen the last three, on opening day.  That might mean it is because I am a huge fan.  Maybe not in the way you would think.  The movies in insanely over the top, with cringeworthy dialogue, and a complete blast to watch.  A group of friends look forward to each F&F movie, just for the chance to get together and enjoy how goofy they are.

Of the group that goes, I am the only person that gives one iota of a damn about the cars, but because of the festivities involved, I don’t pay attention until later.  And it is later I realize how cool so many of the cars are.  I didn’t notice there was a Hakosuka Skyline in the 5th movie until after the fact.

All that said, I love how the franchise continues to churn out movies, no matter the obstacles.  And yeah I have learned to appreciate the formula and characters.  (Yes, someone was cutting onions near us during the final scene of the last movie.)

But I have no idea who Suki is.  I think she was in the second or third movie, which I don’t think I have seen.  Obviously her S2K is pink, and after reading comments here it was obviously a convertible.

Since I don’t have a connection to the actual car, all I can do is appreciate the replica.  And this pink S2K is fantastic.  Yes, it stands out because it is pink, and also the only non-repeat model in the batch, so it stands out even more.

Ryu’s casting has gotten a ton of attention from Hot Wheels since it was designed, and it will continue to get more.  I still prefer the First Edition over all others, but this one is up there.

So hopefully everyone that wants one will get one.  I have seen them in several stores now, so those that want them should be able to get them, and hopefully those that bought all from a bin will have people to buy them, because they are not going to be the cash cow you may have hoped for.  Awesome to have in the collection though…

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  1. I am actually watching Fast and Furious 7 on TV as I type this!
    Anyway, I love this pink S2000! Like everyone has said before, it was a convertible in the movie but I don't have problem with this one. It looks hot!
    BTW, Suki was in the 2 Fast 2 Furious and drove the S2000 in the first race against Brian's famous silver R34 Skyline.

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