M2 brings some big news to SEMA…

M2 has created a little buzz at SEMA this week.  This poster up in their booth is the culprit:

Yes, M2, the masters of detail, separate parts, and the best chases in diecast are going JDM.  And it is an awesome thing.

It is of course awesome for the fans of Japanese cars, me included.  But I think everyone should be excited.  There will surely be a sigh coming from some, bemoaning the fact that M2 has given into the hype.  There might be a sigh from JDM fans themselves that they are launching this new phase with the Hako GT-R, Datsun 510, and 240Z, the Mustang and Camaro of Japan.

But of course this is where M2 should start.  Should they do JDM?  Of course!!  Diecast companies do diecast cars, and there is no denying these will be popular.  There is no doubt this will open M2 to a whole new group of colletors.

Second, I have said before that M2 has its own voice.  Not only in the way they make their models with an intense focus on detail, but they hit a certain vibe as well.  These aren’t as much replicas as they are “spokespersons” for their era.  Wheels, deco, paint, etc.

That means M2 will take an approach to these models that no other diecast company has.  I will of course collect these, and happily place them next to Skyline and Datsun replicas from a slew of other companies.  And they will look great together.  I can also put them next to other M2 models like the Ford Vans and Chevy Camaros, and they will all work together as well.

So yeah, this is a great thing.  M2 Designer Sean Taylor is taking these on, and there isn’t a more passionate car dude out there.  Those who have met him know that Sean puts all into his designs, so this project is in very good hands.

Let’s watch and see.  Coming next summer…

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  1. I already read some comments about M2 coming in late into the game or that they should have done more of the rare 50s car that rarely gets expose instead of the usual JDM cars that is already out there. But for me I like the prospect of seeing these specific models made by other company like M2 as it will surely have openings not available else where.

  2. JDM doesn't do much for me. But what M2, AW and other small manufacturers get and do is make models that the model specific collectors buy. So no matter how many Camaros are out there, the Camaro collector will buy more. So these will sell to the JDM guys, 1espacially since most others are coming from Japan at a significant higher price and difficulty to obtain. I wish Mattel would realize this with the MB brand. Fill the line with popular cars. They will sell.

    As for old cars, I would like to see some. But I won't buy multiples. So how much mileage d you get from the casting.

    Now I wish M2 would do some European sports cars. I could use some budget Porsches.

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