Why all the fuss about Mattel and Mercedes? Majorette has had it figured out for awhile…

That Lamley Hype Machine is at it again.  Mattel and Mercedes are dating again and Lamley is like that entertainment reporter following them all over Hollywood trying to get the scoop.

Lamley should know that dating Mercedes is nothing new.  Mattel did awhile ago before the ugly breakup, and there have been plenty of others.  Majorette is one of them, and that relationship has been consistently strong.

And just to prove it, here are the latest Mercedes-Benz models from Majorette.  The A Class, the GL, and AMG GT.

Now I can go in a couple of directions.  One is to talk about Majorette, and explain why I like them.  But I have done that.  To me?  Exceptional replicas, amazing variety, fantastic features, great decos, so-so wheels, and hard for folks in the US to get.  I am going to keep showing them because I am collecting many of them, enjoy photographing them, and hope that I can help just a little in getting them back to the States.

And to do that I should show models like the AMG GT.  Putting any replica of the AMG GT is a good thing, and Majorette is the only company I know that is doing it in 1:64, besides UCC Coffee in Japan.  The AMG GT is a stunner whenever you see one, and I love Majorette’s version.  They especially nailed the front end.  Whether the racing version in white or the street version in yellow (there is a police version I hope to have at some point as well), his model looks really good.

Less exciting for the US crowd would have to be the A Class, although I hope a lot of people will appreciate a good hatch.  For me, though the treat is the GL.  It is one of those “I have no idea why I like this one so much but I do” models.  GL’s don’t get a second look from me when I pass them on the road.  This one however definitely does.

The casting is flawless, and because Majorette likes to mimic shocks on their models, SUV’s incorporate that natural lift perfectly.  So while the gap between the wheel and well can bother on the lower profile cars, it works perfectly on the SUV’s.  I also love that they went blue with black wheels.  Black hides the wheels better, and they don’t bother nearly as much as they could.

So yeah Lamley, get it together and show more Majorette Mercedes before you lose your shit over the  Matchbox 6×6 again.  Ok???


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15 Replies to “Why all the fuss about Mattel and Mercedes? Majorette has had it figured out for awhile…”

  1. The GL is truly awesome! Btw, all three of these are perfect candidates for Matchbox. I would especially love to see them do the AMG GT S (they have the perfect wheels).

  2. I know I will sound mean, but as an European I'm glad you cannot find Majorette easily in the US 🙂 Now you know how we feel when chasing Matchbox in Europe!

  3. The more recent Majorette models are awesome, andmorrisons here in the UK have them for a £1 on clipstrips, the latest selection includes a Renault Trafic panel van with a working sliding side door, as well as detailed lights, badging, deep/even paint finish and working suspension…

  4. Concerning the AMG GT, the scale is 1:60 and not 1:64, and that's precisely why I don't buy Majorette – or Norev – even if I can easily find them in France : they look too big next to the HW, M2, GL, MB…
    But I agree, they look good with their moving parts and nice details.

  5. Got no idea what you're talking about, all my majorettes roll perfectly well with great wheels and with opening parts, working suspension and a great choice of cars, Majorette are truly a brand worthy of collecting.

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