2016 Lamley Awards: What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model of 2016?


You have voted on what you thought was the Best Hot Wheels New Model of 2016, so now it is what I consider the toughest poll I do for the Lamley Awards.

What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Licensed New Model of 2016?

I don’t go with “Worst” for this poll.  I think picking the worst is irrelevant.  For example, someone may have had it with JDM cars, so they think a well-done Japanese car is the worst.  Or someone just has a dislike for a particular carmaker.  The last thing I want is for some Chevy vs Ford type fight that can sadly erupt among car dorks.

I also keep it limited to licensed “real car” models.  The generics are out, because who cares if collectors don’t like a car that looks like a shark?  We already know they don’t.  I also removed the licensed fantasy models like he Beatles Sub and Minecart.  Let’s be honest, if the Minecart wins, and it might among collectors, we learn nothing.

What this poll is about is that model you were really looking forward to, but didn’t live up to your expectations.  Maybe you didn’t like the design or style the designer went for.  Maybe you didn’t like the execution.  Maybe you were hoping for a stock version and you didn’t get it.  Whatever the reason, it was disappointing.

For that reason, only select one, unlike the Best New Model poll where three selections were allowed.

This can be a very interesting poll, and I have no idea what models might finish at the top.  Let’s see…

As was the case before, all these photos came from the 2016 Hot Wheels New Models Page at hobbyDB.  Go check it out and see all the new models in 2016.

What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2016?


21 Replies to “2016 Lamley Awards: What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model of 2016?”

  1. Wow, a surprising amount of people voted on the Ford GT. My choice is the Golf MK7.
    Suck a good chance to make a model to rival the Focus RS, but they ruined it with no front and rear tampos and a nasty 2017 recolor. I doubt it will ever look stock again.

  2. This is quite hard, but if I had to pick… the Focus RS. The New Ford GT I declared an 8/10 car… the FoRS is HW's biggest missed opportunity, maybe even more so than the Golf 7.

    As for the van… OK, sure, MBX should have done that model, and yes, I'm still waiting for a recolor that has a good interior color and base color, but it is an accurate casting.

  3. I chose the Golf because of the lack of detail, especially from a premium car with no graphics on it. The Focus RS is a bit disappointing as well. It doesn't look sporty enough; it looks too much like a standard Focus hatchback. Just changing the wheels would have been a huge benefit. Grey 10 spokes would have captured that sporty look, plus they look pretty close to one of the wheel options for the actual car.

  4. I was really looking forward to the GT3 RS but the end result was disappointing. The headlights are just a bit too big, wing is too wide and the rear is odd. I was expecting much better considering HW nailed the previous few Porsche 911s they have done. Even the wheel choice on the 991 is meh. Grey 10sp would have looked sooo much better.

  5. Chevy Luv is the worst. I was expecting to find a stock clean looking model. But instead, they put a ugly intake on the hood and a discusting sunroof the the top to make it looks stupid. Also, the front wheels are too skinny for the mode and the back wheel too large.

  6. Unfortunately as a Honda guy and an Integra owner, it has to be the Integra for me. It took me a very long time to find one and when I did I was disappointed in the cartoonish proportions. I figure this come from trying to inject some excitement into a car that is otherwise a pretty nondescript box, but it just doesn't feel like an Integra to me.

  7. I would suggest the 911 GT3 RS – other disappointing models, such as the Focus RS and Golf Mk7 can be remedied with a better paint scheme/wheel choice/tampo design or choice, but the GT3 RS is just cast poorly compared to what many expected.

  8. Ford GT for me. Highly anticipated, what was supposed to have been the pinnacle of a currently fruitful Ford/Hot Wheels relationship, even debuted as a $uper… and yet, still no true buttresses. They even sacrificed the bodyside aft of the door for a different material that sticks out like a sore thumb… and for all their effort, still no hole. No pass through. They could do it on the NSX for some reason, but not the iconic GT, not the feature that all but defines the car.

    Don't get me wrong, the Hot Wheels version is great and won't be leaving my desk for a good long while if ever… but I expected perfection, and received only above-averageness.

  9. you guys are freeze as f*ck! Hot wheels is definetly capable doing clean looking car. Just look at the Alfa Romeo, Porsche 956, and all the older muscle car from the past years like the 1969 Charger, 1968 copo camaro, Ford Maveric, Dodge Lil Red and even the Chevy c10 wasn't too bad compare to the piece of garbage I voted for.

  10. I knew the Luv was going to be a custom one and was looking forward to it based on the previews, but once I saw it in the shop I thought “mm, nevermind”. It just didn't work for me. It happens.

  11. I can only imagine the difficulty of creating a replica of a car in 64 scale. The proportions on most of them are not 100%, and that is understandable. Nevertheless, I agree on the lack of butresses on the Ford GT. That is a major selling point on the real car and I was wondering how the HW team was going to achieve it. Knowing that the HW team is restricted to the 4 piece rule, I analized the one I aquired and was very disappointed to find out how this was achieved.

  12. To me I had mixed feeling for the Chevy luv as I liked it not during the first but the 2nd time I looked at it again but got tired of it after a while. However my vote went to the VW for a different reason than the others who dislike it. I wasn't a fan on the wheel design.

  13. The Focus, for sure. I saw it in person and left it there in disgust. Three, poorly applied tampos and all on the front. They couldn't even add a rear light tampo? I know they have a budget, but there's been plenty of all-over tampo releases this year in the mainline. What irks me most, HW chose to put this one out as it's one of this year's hottest new cars, but MBX would have done it much better justice.

  14. For me it's the Monkey bike – because the image shows a rider, it would have been so much better if that was included – maybe it would have been too small/dangerous for kids to play with?
    I love the LUV though, surprised there's so much hate for it. I do hope the Golf will be back in a better colour scheme too.

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