Hot Wheels Fast & Furious bins will hit US Walmarts tomorrow…

Collectors outside of the US, file this post under “shrug your shoulders”.

Our friends in Canada, Mexico, Australia and elsewhere have already been swimming in the latest Fast & Furious set, but for US collectors, start checking your Walmarts because the bins are scheduled to hit on Halloween.

Some have already found them.  Fellow Utah collector Martin Hernandez found them here on Sunday, and was kind enough to share pics.  There are some repeats with some wheel changes, but the pink S2000 is new, and pretty darn terrific.

So keep your eyes open, buy a set or two, and LEAVE SOME for the next person because there will be plenty for everyone.

Good luck…

22 Replies to “Hot Wheels Fast & Furious bins will hit US Walmarts tomorrow…”

  1. The pink S2000 is definitely sweet. But apart from that, rest all are lame repeats. There are so many other castings they could have used (Silvia S15, blue R34, Civic, Hakosuka). I hope they do it next year.

  2. If the availability in Australia is anything to go by, there's absolutely no point scalping these. My local TRU has had at least ten of each Supra and S2000 on the pegs for a week now and they're just sitting, stocks never seem to run out so leave some for the next collector!

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