Hunting the Hot Wheels Fast & Furious, and an elusive Honda S2000…

Only a few minutes after posting the news last night that the latest Hot Wheels Fast & Furious assortment is scheduled to hit Walmarts on Halloween, a fellow Utah collector Ernesto Puga let me know that he had found them at a nearby Walmart.

So of course I went.

This assortment is an interesting one.  Of the 8 models, most are repeats, with a slight change like different wheels or different color.  The Toyota Supra has MC5 wheels now, and the Ford GT is a much darker blue, for example.  It is pretty obvious that Mattel and the F&F Franchise have a lot of plans in the future, so we will see a lot of product, especially moving into the 8th film next year.  So repeats are to be expected.  The most well-known cars are bound to be included each time to garner interest from the casual fan passing by at the stores.

Of course collectors love these cars too, and won’t be as happy about the repeats.  I’m with you.  Thankfully there are signs of a major reset in the next assortment due early next year, with a black S2000 and the now-iconic white Supra.

But Hot Wheels did throw collectors a tasty bone.  Suki’s Honda S2K is in this assortment, and is easily the standout.  Sure, it was a convertible in the movie, but I kind of like it better on Ryu’s S2K cast.  A pink car will always standout, but in a sea of repeats, this beauty TOTALLY stands out, and will obviously be the must have of this set.

And that is what I discovered when I came across the bin:

You can see there were a lot of F&F cars there, but not a lot of pink Hondas.  Thankfully the group of collectors who found the batch first left a handful, and I tried to return the favor by only taking two myself.  But it is clear what model is going to be gobbled up.  I get nervous about a F&F overload for the next few weeks with all the repeats.  I guess we will find out.

10 Replies to “Hunting the Hot Wheels Fast & Furious, and an elusive Honda S2000…”

  1. Wow…. Hot wheels is very lazy. Perhaps they had overstock from the last release and are trying to get rid of them this time. I can't imagine what idiot is in charge of these decisions at Mattel.

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  3. Might see these on the east coast maybe in Jan/Feb or later. But did visit one WM today and to no avail.
    Some stores (Walmart) are a little lazy with some special releases or just not interested – they might stock very little of the good stuff (Gran Turismo or Peanuts Christmas).

    One I visit near my work still have a crap load of the first line of the 'Camo' cars hanging around!!! Come on man and why do some WM's get loads of Ghostbuster cars plastered all over???? Stupid crazy!!!DUH!!!

  4. Today I went to a WalMart in Middle Tennessee hoping to find these. Nope, but they already had the Holiday set, which I was not expecting. Around here, the exclusive sets usually show up a month after everyone else gets them.

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