The brilliant Post-It art of @douggas, and how you can help him pick the subject of his next piece…

A few years ago, my Instagram feed started filling with images of some amazing car art.  More and more people were sharing these unique paintings of all kinds of cars, all at full profile.  But there was more to these paintings than just the skill put into them.  These were insanely cool cars, painted with incredible detail, on, of all things, Post-It Notes.

The artist responsible for these paintings is Doug Breuninger, better known on Instagram as @douggas, and if you are not following him, I highly recommend to you do that this second.

A photo posted by Doug Breuninger (@douggas) on Sep 24, 2016 at 12:07pm PDT


There is a lot of art in our hobby.  We sometimes take for granted the skills of the designers, who I would say are artists first.  The same for the amazing card art we have seen lately.  What Doug is doing could be the most literal combination of our hobby and great art.  He literally paints in small scale.  His work belongs in galleries, and that has happened, but to me it also belongs on diecast packaging, but that is just my opinion.

I have followed Doug for a long time, and was thrilled to finally meet him at JCCS last month.  He had his portfolio with him, and I totally ditched my duties at the Matchbox booth to ogle over his paintings.  To be fair, the rest of the booth inhabitants did as well.  It was truly one of the highlights, and I am now the very proud owner of the print pictured above.

So, why am I showing this now?  Well, I hope to do more with Doug in the future, so that is one reason.  But the main reason is below.

Doug has started on Post-It Series 4, and he needs your help picking the 10th car for him to paint.  He posted this on IG a few days ago:


Doug opened this up to his IG followers, but I asked if I could give Lamley Readers a chance to add their input as well.  So many of you have ideas for the next Hot Wheels or Matchbox casting, so just take those requests to Doug as he tries to pick that 10th car to paint.

You can leave your suggestion here, but it is best to go to the post above and leave it there in the comments section.  Doug is open to any and all ideas, and I know Lamley readers can come up with some good ones.

I asked Doug to write a bit about himself and this little contest below.  I can’t wait to see how Series 4 develops.

I would have never imagined 3 years ago that I’d be painting cars on Post-Its. It happened because I was so taken back by the mind-blowing paintings of fellow artists at an art exhibit I attended back in 2013. That experience made it imperative I put the markers, ballpoints,and color pencils aside for a moment and give paint brushes a try. 

Painting just seemed like such an uninhibited medium to work, something with endless possibilities. It only took a few strokes of the paintbrush on that first Post-It to discover a newfound ability and obsession to paint highly-detailed cars on a small scale. This new challenge set off what became 3 automotive Post-It series in 3 years totaling 150 cars. Each series is more detailed than the last. Best of all, my Post-It car paintings amassed a following on social media, which ignited my website, where I’ve been able to share and sell limited prints of my mini creations around the globe. It’s been truly a blessing. 

Just like everyone else, responsibilities and everyday challenges limit the large window of time I once had to create these miniature pieces. Free time doesn’t exist anymore, leaving me to try and maximize every open hour I have to continue my next Post-It series that many people have come to enjoy over the years. 

So with 2016 coming to a close, I am hoping to get Post-It Series 4 completed soon. I’ve made the decision to reduce my usual 50 Post-It paintings per series to only 10, mainly for the purpose of sanity and time. For Series 4, I’ve selected and drawn nine notable rides. Yet amongst all thecars I could pick from, I find myself struggling to pick #10 to cap off the series. So, I thought I’dreach out to you guys and gals to hear your ideas on what should be the final Post-It car. Let’s call it “the peoples Post-It”.

Thanks again Doug!

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  1. I am voting for a Greenwood Corvette. I scoured what I thought was every IG post he had and since I don't have an account, thought I would leave it here. Thanks for sharing this diversity in the “small car” world or I wouldn't have known about him and his art. I know Jun Imai from another source,his love of Tamiya cars, but I do dig his Hot Wheels designs too.

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