I like Porsches. And I like matching Hot Wheels Porsches that look like this.

Here’s the pattern.  Or at least it seems to be the pattern.  When a new Hot Wheels licensed casting is released, it is released in a color and deco that replicates or at least mimics a stock color and deco.  After that, all rules are out the window.

There are reasons for that.  It is all about what kids will grab off the pegs, and interesting decos and colors are more likely to attract a kid passing by.  So, while we collectors like our front and rear details, it is the side decos that are most easily seen in a blister.  That is one of the reasons no tampo errors stick out so clearly.  We aren’t used to it.

Occasionally though Hot Wheels makes an exception.  And the Porsche 993 here in 2017 Batch B is one of those exceptions.  Plain orange, an iconic Porsche color, with fantastic lace wheels.

The lace wheels have been around for a long time, but have had a resurgence of late with the plethora of classic European models being released by Hot Wheels, especially Porsche models.  They have looked especially good on the Porsche 934, and I have thought the 993 would benefit from them as well.

Well whatyaknow?  They are on the Porsche 993, and to make it even better, its plain orange color matches exactly the debut color of the 934 back in 2014.  And they make one beautiful pair.

Hot Wheels has been linking models a little more lately, which is something Michael Heralda and now Abe Lugo have done with Matchbox for awhile, and I love it.  We have seen the awesome “Then & Now” series, but these Porsches stretch over three years.

Back to the plain deco.  My thought is this is a Porsche thing.  More Porsches have had plain deco than any other car type, and I wonder if that is something they ask in the licensing agreement.  It isn’t always the case, but the 934 has been plain a few times, and the 993 has gone plain a few times, like its debut in the Boulevard series, as well as its 2014 release which was plain save a small design near the rear wheel.  The 993 has had several versions released, including in Car Culture and as a Super, but this orange version is my favorite next to the Boulevard.  I think the reason is fairly obvious.

I like the plain stuff.  I like the matching stuff.  It is obvious I really like this Porsche.

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