Here is the next color of the Matchbox Nissan Skyline (and it totally outshines the 2016 version)…

Found the silver Matchbox Skyline yet?

I haven’t seen it in stores yet.  Considering Matchbox distribution and only two Skylines per case, I figured it would be hard to find, and it is proving so.  Hopefully we see more and more cases hit the stores as we move to the holidays, and if all else fails, prices have relaxed on eBay.

Well, I guess that is of course if you actually want one.  Lamley Readers know I have been a little obsessed with this model since it was announced back in 2015 at the Matchbox Gathering.  Any Skyline will grab my attention, but one based on a straight stock Skyline really does.  I get all fanboy at the GT-R clones as well, but what really makes me skip a breath is what is becoming a rare sight – an intact surfline.  So Matchbox doing a stock Skyline was a happy happy thought.  Add to that the cool engine/seatbelt variation, plus what the Skyline represents for Matchbox, and you know why I write about it a lot.

So sure, my excitement can be interpreted as good old #lamleyhype, but just know this is an easy Top 3 Matchbox model for me.

But I will let you in on a little secret.  I am really looking forward to future versions.  Going silver on the debut is appropriate, but in all honesty it is a little bland.  The black bumpers and base leave a little to be desired as well.  I guess there is such a thing as a VUM (chrome) budget with Matchbox – who is surprised? – so the bumpers went black for this late 2016 release.  Not horrible, but chrome is much better.

So enter the 2017 version of the Skyline, coming early next year in the E Assortment.  This is the Matchbox Skyline realized.  The casting we love, this time decked out in matte bluish grey and sitting on a chrome base.  Hot damn.

Hopefully this model will be used a lot in future lines, and – fingers crossed – in some premium clothes as well.  Wherever it is used, chrome bumpers are a must.  It can’t get much better than this beauty.

As always, thanks to Team Matchbox for this preview…

14 Replies to “Here is the next color of the Matchbox Nissan Skyline (and it totally outshines the 2016 version)…”

  1. Great, yet another model I will not find anywhere at the stores. Despite some improvement in model range, collecting Matchbox is becoming boring or even frustrating because of poor distribution.

  2. Why didn't they just come out of the gate with this blue version? Head and shoulders above the silver release. My excitement finding one was dampened when I saw the black plastic bumper.

  3. I don't know what to say about the colour. Its kind of okay but I don't like it much. The chrome base pops though! I can't wait to see a black version with chrome base and tri-spokes. Now that would look killer!

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