This photo isn’t black and white. It is just one mean Matchbox Range Rover Evoque…

There are probably a handful of models in your collection that fall in a unique category.  That category?  Models that you like better in 1:64 than in real life.

It might be more than a handful.  A $1 price point on a Hot Wheels or Matchbox can make you appreciate something a lot more than maybe you should.  Matchbox has done quite a few.  The Range Rover Evoque is one of them.

To say I don’t care about the real Evoque might be an understatement.  I don’t like it.  It shouldn’t share the Range Rover name.  The best way to describe a Range Rover is by calling it a Range Rover.  It has a rich, rugged history, and damn every generation looks good.  The Evoque does not.   It looks like someone’s bad futuristic concept of the Range Rover that they actually made.

But I like the Matchbox.  I just do.  I can’t really explain why.  It is just pleasing.  Maybe it is the fact that I don’t like the real car that makes having one in 1:64 that much more enjoyable.  Would I like it better if this Matchbox release were a standard Range Rover instead?  Abso-freaking-lutely.  But I can handle the Evoque.

And at least Matchbox has made them look good.  The debut in orange is a standout, and the burnt orange from the Land Rover series a surprise.  And now comes black.  On black.  Over black.  And it’s awesome.

In the Hot Wheels/Matchbox world, you will rarely see all black models with black wheels.  Details get lost, and that valuable side silhouette can become a blog in a blister.  All the details are hidden.  But Matchbox threw all that out the window when they did this one, because of course there are a ton of Range Rovers in all black with black wheels.  We wouldn’t have action movies without black Range Rovers with black wheels traveling in caravans for the good guys to blow up.

So this is a surprise for sure, but a good surprise.  On a great casting.  Of a bad car.

(Look for this release in the 2017 Matchbox C Assortment)

9 Replies to “This photo isn’t black and white. It is just one mean Matchbox Range Rover Evoque…”

  1. I like where Matchbox is going. I've already seen the first hints of the A case with the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, the new '59 Chevy Wagon, a Mr. Bean themed Mini Cooper, and a classy '55 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery. Also, I've seen the recent post on the new color on the Skyline, the new Fiat 500X, and now the Evoque! Lots of good stuff! 2017 is looking very promising!

  2. It's not a logo.

    If you've been following new Matchbox and Hot Wheels releases for some time, you'll know it's the FEP (Final Engineering Pilot/Prototype), which is basically a sample of how the HW/MBX will look when released. They all have a code printed on them.

  3. It goes to show you know nothing about the Land Rover company, the Evoque fits and works wonderfully within the company, the car does everything a RR should do, easily and with style, the Matchbox model is out of date as it is the MK1, the MK2 make by Oxford diecast, will be far superior, as they are producing EVERY Jaguar Land Rover model – It is a shame that personal comments ruin an otherwise good model.

  4. Well I can understand the 'concept' comment but I agree with Jon Mower. The Evoque is a striking car and Matchbox …..evokes it really well. Only critism is that the Matchbox version is a little small and is probably in the region of 1/68? – the 1/1 is a wide vehicle.

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