Mazda RX7 & Rotary Pickup are making their way to the Hot Wheels line in 2017…

The sneak peeks keep coming.

Jun Imai has been previewing some upcoming 2017 models lately, and he dropped a couple more treats at the JCCS Street Neo Classics Car Show today.  Lucky attendees who wander by the Japanese Nostalgic Car booth get to check out these three beauties:


One you have already seen, the recolor of the Datsun Roadster with the new basic steelies.  But those other two have just been unveiled, and Mazda is the theme.  Yeah, that is an FD3S RX7, which should generate a ton of excitement.  But for me the real treat is the Mazda Rotary Pickup.  The REPU looks to be fairly stock, and should be a great companion to the Datsun 620 and Matchbox’s upcoming Nissan Junior.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.  Here’s hoping for a fairly stock deco on both new models.

Thankfully, our Resident California Reporter, @hw_jay is at the show, and was able to take a couple of closeups.  (It’s always great to have an RCR.)

Thanks Jay.

(UPDATE: Some rear shots that the RCR sent over are below.)

19 Replies to “Mazda RX7 & Rotary Pickup are making their way to the Hot Wheels line in 2017…”

  1. OK, so you did kinda oversell the truck, which is nice, but really, the FD is the headline model here. Merely a proto and already a contender for 2017 Best Licensed Mainline.

  2. Well the 1970's mini truck onslaught at HW continues! There's now a Toyota, a Datsun, a Chevy LUV and now a Mazda which could easily be transformed into a Ford Courier….wink wink, nudge nudge

  3. Cool, it appears like the Hot Wheels designers get some inspiration from Motortrend's Roadkill…
    See the Mazdarati – maybe an inspiration for the REPU?
    Anyways, thank you for this great blog! It's on my favorites list since years, keep up the excellent work!

  4. The Mazda REPU is my unicorn truck. Super cool looking, rotary engine,and only 15,416 were made…about. They're very hard to find now.

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