Jun Imai sneaks a couple of upcoming Hot Wheels stunners…

I will leave this right here.  Be sure to go give it a like.

A photo posted by Jun Imai (@kaidohouse) on Oct 10, 2016 at 5:36pm PDT


6 Replies to “Jun Imai sneaks a couple of upcoming Hot Wheels stunners…”

  1. I can safely say that 2017 is gonna be a superb year for Hot Wheels! I already took a look at the sneak peeks from the convention and I definitely like what I see! And this just puts it into perspective! Can't wait! By the way, are those new basic wheels on the Fairlady? If so, they're a stunner!

  2. I'll be honest and say that when they said they were doing a new Porsche, I was expecting something much more than a modified 934 casting. A bit disappointed with that. But damn, I'll agree that it looks great in white with the grey wheels! Good work.

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