All the slides from the Mattel Hot Wheels Sneaks Presentation…

When you are sitting in the front recording the Mattel presentation, photos of the slides are an impossibility.  Thankfully, many other attendees got some nice shots, and we asked one of them, Alan Dizon – aka @Alandzone on Instagram – if we could use his.  He kindly obliged.

So, if you missed it, here is the entire presentation as I recorded it on Facebook Live:

And here are all the slides.  Let us know what excites you the most.  Lots to look forward to…

(Thanks Alan.)

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  1. I'm speechless. A Porsche 934.5, Porsche 962, Mercedes-Benz Evo and the white Supra from the F&F film. Plus a lot more great models. I`t will be fun collecting those beauties.

  2. There is a LOT I'm looking forward to next year. The entirety of Car Culture (dare I say it's looking better than 2016? Yes, I dare-st). A bunch of mainline new models are looking great, like that Porsche 934.5 (and I enjoy the modern “roll-o-matics”). The special basic lines are going to be very nice, with the HW Racing set, the S2000 I've been waiting for for Fast and Furious, and the Target retro line continuing is a plus for me. I'll have to get a set of the Beatles Pop Culture for my dad. For HWC, the O16 will return with one car I've been impatiently waiting for: Custom Thunderbird. Also love that the opening hood Flashsider is getting HWC treatment finally, and the 66 Chevelle and 69 Mustang Boss 302 should be killer.

    Overall, I'm definitely thrilled with where they are going!!

  3. aka raceteam1967

    Really looking forward to the HW Racing, the Target Retro line, (the remake of the Delivery Van esp.)the “roll-a-matics” are fun, (takes me back to my childhood)

  4. I'm kind of divided on the Z06. That rear spoiler just doesn't quite look right. Hopefully they capture the widebody look well.

    Excited to see an Original 16 series (if that's what's being teased). I need a Custom Corvette in my collection.

    Now a Halo series… any chance we're going to get a Banshee? I know it doesn't have wheels but…

  5. I see enough models here to be excited about. I HATE many “copy/paste” style releases Hot Wheels have with Pop Culture, etc., didn't care for the latest Beatles cars(minus Blue Meanie Kool Kombi), but that White Album Hiway Hauler might be amazing.

    I especially liked the T2 pickup, Paul Walker Supra & Aisle Driver.

  6. I love the inclusion of a Tesla Model X! Even though it might have been a better Matchbox, perhaps? And the Roller Toaster is SUPER cute! Now, another WC car, yuck! The Transporter Pickup might end up looking better in real life.

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