The Hot Wheels Rocket Oil joins the RLC Gulf Series, and members can get theirs today…

Gulf Rocket Oil RLC Sale on

Has there been a better RLC Series than Gulf?

Sure, the Real Riders Series, but that encompasses a lot.  The RLC Gulf Series, which combines arguably the best-looking racing color combo ever with Hot Wheels Spectraflame, is a must-have.  The Gulf livery is everywhere, including on brands outside of Hot Wheels, but nothing will top the RLC series.

I don’t know of anyone who regrets buying these models as they have been released, from the Porsche 917K to Ford GT40 to VW Drag Bus to the Drag Beetle to iconic ’67 Camaro.  I think it is safe to say most of you RLC members want them all.  Hot Wheels is going to challenge that notion with the 6th release, the massive and heavy Rocket Oil, at a hefty price of $25 plus shipping.

But it’s worth it.  Promise.

This model provided by Mattel for this preview is my first Rocket Oil.  When you hold it in hand you can see why it is a model we don’t see very often.  It is crazy heavy.  It has opening parts.  It has Real Riders that are premium to even Real Riders.  And it is %#&*ing beautiful.

The Rocket Oil is another monster from the mind of Phil Riehlman, who is responsible for other popular behemoths like the Drag Bus, Dairy Delivery, Drag Dairy, and ’55 Chevy Panel.  And of all those, I think I am most partial to the Rocket Oil.  Its art deco stylings scream the 1920’s AND Blade Runner.

And its dreamy in the Gulf livery.  If you are on the fence on this one because of the cost, my opinion is get it.  Once it arrives, you will be very happy you have it.  Plus, you don’t want to look at those other five Gulf models knowing there is one missing.

The sale starts at 9 AM Pacific Time today for RLC members, and any leftovers will be available to all at 9 AM Pacific on Wednesday.  Good luck…

8 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Rocket Oil joins the RLC Gulf Series, and members can get theirs today…”

  1. It is beautiful model. But I am passing as I don;t go for the Spectraflame Gulf models. Just sold off the GT40 and 917 from my collection.

    Did you forget the 993? or are you counting that as a different series since it was done in traditional Gulf Blue?

  2. I will probably buy just 1. I do not have any of this model in my collection, as it is not really my thing. But I must admit this one is very sharp. I will bust it open and display it…….. Doubt this model will be a sell out. Too pricey for many…..

  3. It's a beaultiful piece, like said above, I'm also not much fan of the spectraflame on it, but having the others like shown on the pictures, makes it even more worth in the collection.

  4. Sadly, the Gulf series started right when the RLC was mired in a mess of delays, and I was one of the folks who said enough is enough. I had successfully ordered two of each of the 917 and GT40 and (I think) Drag Bus, but I let those orders lapse and walked away. I only regret the 917…

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