And another one! The Hot Wheels Mustang GT Convertible completes a trifecta…

I love these little matching sets.

Two years ago Hot Wheels released a splendid version of the 2015 Mustang GT.  New body style, done in Mustang Red with simple front and rear tampos, and hallelujah, same-sized wheels!  It was one of those models that overshadows any future version released afterwards.  Today, Matchbox has released a Convertible, which, at least from what I can tell, is exactly the same model, only topless.

Sandwiched in between is the recolor of the 350R, released just a couple of months ago.  Sure, that’s a bonus, and probably not meant to be a companion to the two GT’s, but who cares?  They look awesome.

The 350R replaced the ’07 Mustang as my favorite contemporary Mustang casting, and it will be hard to see it topped.  But these two GT’s join the collection as well.  Will I collect future versions, in their custom decos?  Probably not.  But if we get more stock colors with front and rear tampos, heck yeah I will find a spot.

But I am not fretting.  This red pair with it’s 350R cousin will keep the Hot Wheels Mustang collection happy.

5 Replies to “And another one! The Hot Wheels Mustang GT Convertible completes a trifecta…”

  1. Wow, the convertible looks brilliant. Exactly as if HW actually chopped the roof off of the coupe. Im definitely getting it. But I wish the Shelby was in plain red without any stripes and PR5 wheels, then it would be perfect.

  2. I have a yellow HW 2015 Mustang GT and the level of detail on the front and back ends of the toy is not even close to the pictures above; taillights and headlights are the same yellow as the body of the car.

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