Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels B Case…

Hot Wheels 2017 Batch B at Wheel Collectors

And we are now at full speed.

Hot Wheels 2017 Hot Wheels Batch B is here.  Should we just go ahead and start counting down towards 2018?  Geez.

But we have some time to enjoy 2017, and Batch B is definitely worthy.  You can see the whole batch at Wheel Collectors:

Hot Wheels 2017 Batch B at Wheel Collectors

The Entertainment theme from Batch A continues, with the Mystery Machine (the Super in this batch) and the Jetsons thing.  But there some carfolk debuts as well, most notably the Fairlady 2000.  Lots of great new decos too.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Here is the B Case, as opened by Wheel Collectors 3-by-3.  And guess what?  We get to play “Spot the Error” again!  This one is pretty darn easy, and it is already listed at the WC store.  The more difficult game?  “Spot the variation”.  Of course you can also play “Spot the new wheels”.

Good luck.

Easy error eh?  That variation, not so much.  Nonetheless, Matt at Wheel Collectors wanted to point out two models that were in a different case code that didn’t appear in this case:

Also, no Reg TH in this case.  But it did appear in other cases:

14 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels B Case…”

  1. aristorat has to be one of the best recent fantasy hot rod design hw team has put out, i'll grab it when it hit the stores alongside the charger offroad

  2. I'm wondering if HW hired new texture designers for 2017, I really like what they did with the Dodge Ram, Raptor and even the Li'l Red Express, they remind me of the liveries you usually see on the utility vehicles from Matchbox.
    I also like the different style of flames on the Torino and the '55 Gasser.

  3. Im kinda ehh about the Tien integra, but i get its like a sister car to the s2k and the Porsche 993 gt2 is clearly a homage to the other orange Porsche a few years back with the exact same wheels!

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