It’s movie mayhem in Hot Wheels 2017 Batch A…

Well, not exactly movie mayhem, more “entertainment stuff” mayhem.

Two new castings and the return of a very popular model.  One from a movie, another a TV show, and that last from a video game.  None of the three will enter my collection, but based on the response to these three, I am in the minority.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think they are cool.  KITT is pretty awesome, but I already have the FE in the collection.  Still cool to see the interior detail of the first version, especially for those who missed the first version.  The Fast & Furious Charger is the gem of the batch, with it’s bouncy shocks.  And the Halo car?  I have no opinion, as I have never played Halo.  But I know a ton of you are really excited about it, so hooray!

Ultimately, models like these don’t interest me too much (although the Zamac Batmobile has my attention), so I am showing these mainly for Lamley readers who are interested.  And even though I am not too much of a fan, I am really happy they are doing them.  They have the potential to bring in a ton of new collectors, and I am all for that.  So keep ’em coming.

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