Lamley Showcase: Hot Wheels Car Culture Track Day…

I think it is safe to say that Car Culture has been a success for Hot Wheels.  There have been a lot of premium lines over the years, some more successful than others, but it seems Car Culture is hitting all the right notes.

Sure, the lack of front and rear tampos is bothersome, and maybe that can be resolved.  (Would you pay a little more for full tampos?  I would.)  But other than that this is about as perfect a collector-aimed line as can be.  It opens the door for any direction – car eras, countries, vehicle types, emergency, race, street, you name it – and gives each model a metal base and real riders.  There was a time when Neo wheels were the rage, but collectors at this juncture want realism and replication.  Car Culture most certainly provides.

Mattel was nice enough to provide an early sample of the final Car Culture assortment of 2016, Track Day, for our review, and the video is below.  I am working on the pics, and they will be up soon as well.

I will just say Car Culture is off to a tremendous start, and I hope it sticks around.  Based on how briefly these models sit on the pegs, I would say the chances Car Culture continues are very good.

Enjoy the video.

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