Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox L Case…

2016 Matchbox Batch L at Wheel Collectors

It is out.  14 months after its buzz-worthy announcement, the Matchbox Nissan Skyline has made its debut, and it is now available at Wheel Collectors, along with the rest of Batch L:

2016 Matchbox Batch L at Wheel Collectors

The Skyline is the model to grab in this batch, but with an orange F-Type, a green Ghia, two Cadillacs, and a Raptor with a strange tire inflating business on it, there is a lot to like.

So, as always, the folks at Wheel Collectors grabbed a case and documented its contents, 3-by-3.  Here is what to look forward to:

Not bad eh?

The big question was would there be at least two Skylines in the case, and it is a good thing to see that there is.  Also, interestingly, this is what we can call the “early run” cardback, where the Skyline on the card looks blue, and erroneously there is a GT-R badge on the grill.  That has been corrected for future runs, but some of the early cards clearly made it out.  If you like variations, I would snag it now.

And in a case of the outgoing direction of Matchbox crossing paths of the incoming, the other model with a 2-count is the horrific Wheelin’ Wrecker.  I doubt we see that eyesore much in the future.  Too bad it gets the 2-slot.  So yeah, other than that, and maybe it is just me, this is a must-have case.  Lots of coverage to come…

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  1. I'm guessing this is the last batch of the year. If so, I have to say it ended on a pretty good note as oppose to Hot Wheels. Huh, that's a first! Gotta get me the Skyline (no brainer), Caddy CTS Coupe, orange Jag, and green Ghia!

  2. Awesome case. 10 licensed in a 24 case is a top notch mix. The excellent Blaze Blitzer is actually licensed too. But did we really need another 2x of the Hydro Cruiser after 2x in the K Case? It's another wheel-less peg warmer alongside the Wing Chillers and Sea Hunters. 2x on the RAM would have been a better choice. I live in hope that the MX-5 will make a late reprise in Case M.

  3. I'm surprised the Swamp Raider is in there. This is one of the four generics (along with the Badlander, Hay Trailer and Camper)that were introduced back in 2007 and were intended for playsets and multipacks, not the mainline. Here's hoping the Badlander shows up next year, and the camper makes a return as well.

  4. Oh yeah, that's right! How could I forget? That's such an honor to have one of the biggest and greatest toy car companies to mass produce a car exclusively for you! That's freakin' awesome! Congrats! I definitely gotta get that one for sure!

  5. I appreciate the need for generics to be in the mix and I don't have a problem with it – indeed, I like many Matchbox originals such as Aqua King, Hazard Squad and Moving Van. I do, however, feel that Matchbox is shooting itself in the foot by releasing generics as unappealing as Wheelin' Wrecker, Turf Tilter and Wing Chiller. Unfortunately, these generics will be clogging up the Matchbox pegs for years to come.

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