The Matchbox Mazda 2 wheel variation has appeared…

Just a heads up to start checking the Matchbox 5-packs.

A few weeks ago the Matchbox Team hinted at a running change on the Mazda 2 in the Matchbox City 5-pack.  It would go from 6-spokes to disk hubs.

To be honest, we have heard this before, but many times running changes never appear.  We are still waiting for a trispoke Miata (it still might happen), but no need to wait on the Mazda 2.

Lamley friend and diecast hunter extraordinaire Shawn Hill found the pack with the wheel vari at his local Walmart in Canada, and took these pics.

For those of you who follow these things, there is a wheel variation on the Limo as well.  It originally appeared with 10-spokes, but now also sports the disks.  I have to say I prefer the 6-spokes on the Mazda, but I won’t mind having both.

So if you are in to these things, keep your eyes open…

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