It’s been busy: Hot Wheels Pop Culture Peanuts, Greenlight Hobby Exclusive Gulf Camaros are out at Wheel Collectors…

Pop Culture Peanuts at Wheel Collectors

Wheel Collectors has been partnered with Lamley for years now, essentially since I started.  I have gotten to know Matt & Matt over that time, and have learned quite a bit about what they do.  It is a ton of work, and pretty darn complicated too.

Doing what they do – and it goes for all the hobby dealers – is not easy, and you really have to love the hobby to do it.  These stores don’t cater to every collector, and don’t necessarily compete with the big box stores.  It is a different market, one that not everyone uses all the time, but thank goodness they are around.

I understand the prices aren’t always what collectors hope, but I think that most intelligent people also know that hobby dealers can’t charge what big box stores charge and hope to stay in business.  Margins are different, and if you think about what comes in a Hot Wheels 72-count case, and what models would realistically sell to collectors, you start getting an idea of why they price what they do and how difficult a business it can be.

I also that could poll the vast majority of buyers with Wheel Collectors and they would back up that there is no better seller on eBay.  They make mistakes – every seller does – but they ALWAYS correct them, and deal with each and every buyer personally.  Their Number One priority is happy customers.  I love being linked to these guys, and will always support what they do.

Funny that I just wrote those last four paragraphs.  I guess it has been on my mind, because I get frustrated when I see such uninformed criticism of sellers like Wheel Collectors.  I think these folks are an asset to the hobby, and especially to those that buy from them.  If you don’t buy from them, no problem at all, just don’t be so quick to make negative comments and go wait for the models at Walmart.  No one faults you for it.

Alright, I am done.  Unintended tangent.  The beginning of this post was supposed to go something like this:

I have worked with Wheel Collectors a long time, and I have learned that days like today will happen.  They get to work, ready to ship out that day’s orders, and then Fedex knocks on the door.  And the day changes.

That was today.  The knock came, and before they knew it, Wheel Collectors was up to their ears in Matchbox, Greenlight, and Hot Wheels Pop Culture.

The Matchbox K Case Report is up, but I wanted to highlight the two Greenlight Hobby Exclusives and the fantastic Peanuts Pop Culure.

The Greenlight Exclusives – meaning these won’t be found in stores, just hobby dealers – are Camaros.  One a special 2016 SS unveiling exclusive, and the other in iconic Gulf livery.  Methinks there will be interest in both, especially following the Greenlight Gulf GT-R.

Greenlight Hobby Exclusive Camaros at Wheel Collectors

The Peanuts Pop Culture from Hot Wheels is equally cool.  Pop Culture is not usually my thing, but with a Dodge A100, Chevy Astro Van, and Greenbrier in the set, I am definitely interested.  And – ssssshhhhhhhh – they are selling the set for cheaper than retail.  Don’t tell anyone.

Pop Culture Peanuts at Wheel Collectors

So go check those out – the Matchbox too – and get ready for Hot Wheels Q Case soon.  Lots to be excited about.

Thanks WC…

(Oh, and the Green Machines are dope.)

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