Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox K Case…

Matchbox 2016 Batch K at Wheel Collectors

There is always a surge of interest in Matchbox in the weeks following the Matchbox Gathering.  Folks will buzz about the new models coming in the next year, maybe gain a new appreciation for what is currently out, and spend gobs on the superb Gathering Exclusives.

That is of course happened this year.  The Miata and A100 exclusives are on a lot of want lists, the 2017 New Models look great, and upcoming 2016 models like the Volvo V60 and Nissan Skyline have folks checking the orange pegs more frequently.

But this buzz isn’t going to die down like maybe it has in previous years.  The Nissan Skyline Custom Contest has been so cool to follow, and seeing what the 15 winners are doing with the Skyline is mind-blowing.  Plus there is that whole thing with the Skyline.  Matchbox may have its first Super Treasure Hunt without doing a Super Treasure Hunt.  It isn’t going to last on the pegs very long.

And it goes on.  A new commitment to metal bodies, realism becoming a priority, cool little wheel and body variations the team is throwing at collectors.  Collecting Matchbox has become fun again.  Being in contact with the Matchbox Team on a regular basis, and getting hints of what is to come, I think I can safely say we are only getting started.

Which leads to the 2016 K Case.  I think we can say 2016 has been a transition year.  Moving from what Matchbox was to what it will become.  There are of course a handful of “retire yesterday” generics, but some exciting new models and liveries as well.  The highlight is EASILY the new Dodge Ram Police in National Parks livery.  The NP livery is a favorite, and this Dodge Ram casting is easily one of Matchbox’s best this year.

Anyway, Wheel Collectors got the K Cases today, and as always picked one at random to open and document for Lamley Readers.  You can see all the models at the Wheel Collectors store:

Matchbox 2016 Batch K at Wheel Collectors

As always, thanks WC, and enjoy the report…

Some highlights:

11 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox K Case…”

  1. Disappointing that the Turf Tilter makes an unwelcome return. They changed the name but it's still crap. Will Matchbox ever make a decent dump truck with a metal cab and bed again? Sadly, probably not.

    The Blaze Blitzer looks terrific in its new livery. I didn't like this generic at first but it has slowly grown on me – something that the Turf Titler will never do! Also pleased to see the return of the Amphi Flyer.

  2. What? no Wing Chiller? No but in all respect, wish there were more mx-5 castings. I haven't seen any on my pegs. One box isn't enough. Not all stores are faithful to refill with every case letter.

  3. So far all new models for 2016 have been released in two consecutive cases, usually 2x in first case and 1x in second case. The MX-5 and Road Mauler were an exception with 1x in both cases. Sea Hunter and Wing Chiller both had 2x in consecutive cases … a strange choice. In any case, I've managed to find about a dozen MX-5s to pass onto friends, but only on short cards.

  4. Well i was in for a very pleasant suprise today! Thought i would pop into Asda to get some food whilst on break at work, and always like to have a little nose down the toy isle for some new hotwheels, and what do i see before my eyes? Matchbox! 10 packs, 5 packs, singles you name it! Seems as if they have brought back the brand and im so glad as its now the only place to purchase them in the UK (as well as poundland if you want loads of old releases)

  5. Overhere no chance to find them. Only 2 waves this year in NL. Licenced models are gone in half a day. The pegs are now so overloaded with Generics that it will take half a year until there is space to put on a new batch.

  6. Surprise and delight yesterday when I checked a local Big W here in NSW Australia and found all of these K Case models. Only 10 days after the US dealers got them. Fantastic!

  7. I am finally found this case at WalMart,it'seems great to see the line there back again, I do have one comment for those who collect multiplesome stop the 24'same back to 48's.

    I especially collect emergency vehicles but I love all of the line and have since the 60' when I got handed my first.

    While Matchbox Matel see them as toys and yes they are but to all users collectors there memories,a hobby but they are also things that connect them to the past to easier times, sometimes corporations forget that.

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