Two fantastic new Hot Wheels 5-packs have hit the US…

I tend to pay more attention to Matchbox 5-packs.  They don’t do as many, and while some don’t interest me at all, the tight themes and more realistic liveries usually get my attention.

The same can’t be said for the Hot Wheels packs.  Crazy colors, crazy models, and themes definitely not aimed at me.  I am glad the 5-packs are aimed at the kids, and I hope they enjoy them.  But occasionally Hot Wheels throws collectors a serious bone with a 5-pack, and they just did it twice.

Two new 5-packs have hit, and Lamley’s Resident California Reporter (RCR) @hw_jay found them both.  And while you may not want all 10-models, there are models definitely worth spending the $10 for.

Nightburnerz and Hot Trucks are the themes, and they are loaded with goodies.  My guess is most will gravitate to the R32 Skyline, now sporting a metal spoiler, but for me the ’83 Silverado is tops.  That may be the best basic livery we have seen on the Silverado since the Modern Classics debut.  But we all have our preferences, and there appears to be a little for everyone.

So keep your eyes open for these.  They are bound to be everywhere soon…

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