Tomica Limited Vintage does the R34 Skyline the only way they know how…

Tomica Limited Vintage Skylines at Japan Booster

I say R34 and a certain image pops into your head.  A boxy, late 90’s/early 2000’s era monster with a stacked front grill, a large spoiler, and the word NISMO somewhere on it.  The R34 Skyline NISMO is an icon.  A legendary car with a look that holds its looks and reputation today.

So if I said the best 1:64 diecast company out there, Tomica Limited Vintage, was doing an R34, you would expect a beautiful NISMO replica.  No.  Even with NISMO versions of the R35 GT-R, TLV will always take on the most familiar car on the streets of Japan.  And in that era, it wasn’t a NISMO R34.  It was a sedan.  With 4-doors.  Any maybe in a police livery.

And so in typical – and brilliant – fashion, Tomica Limited Vintage has released the Nissan Skyline R34 GT Turbo Sedan as a police car.

TLV vs Kyosho

Two more R34s are coming next month, as civilian sedans, but the first three in this batch are police cars.  One in standard police livery (an instant fave), another as an unmarked police car, and the last from the Abunai series.   The first non-GT-R R34’s in the collection.

This is where I mention that doing an R34 is exactly why I love Tomica Limited Vintage so much.  Sure, they have done 11 Nissan GT-Rs in the last year or so, but the TLV specialty is doing vintage cars you saw on the road during different eras.  1998 was not long ago, but long enough ago to be a different era.  And it was these sedans you saw on the road.

And now you can get a replica at Japan Booster

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