With the Matchbox F-Type, orange is the new black…

So what is the best color for the Jaguar F-Type?

The Matchbox version debuted in black, and I don’t think anyone complained.  Just a stunner in its nighttime garb.  Now, it returns at the end of 2016 in a totally new get-up, orange, and it looks equally sleek.

Maybe it is a testament to the beauty of the F-Type.  If you see one in person, it is hard to argue that that prettiest sports cars continue to come out so Great Britain.  The lines are just perfect, and with good looks like that, any color will work.  But the colors do change things a bit.

With that in mind, I will take any color.  Black is in the collection, orange is coming, so maybe white with black rims is next?  I sure hope so.  I guess my only request then is that this beauty stay in the Matchbox lineup for a very long time…

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  1. It is a looker for sure on the streets! I'm not too crazy on orange, but it's still a nice piece. I just wish they could've done the grille. It wouldn't have been a problem since there's only front and rear detailing.

  2. I would like it a little deeper orange. But I will take it.

    I agree on the grille and vents. It's like they are seeing how little they can get away with doing. They are already printing the front with black in the lights. It really needs it.

  3. I'm sorry, but when there's light tampos, it's not that hard for Matchbox to do the grille as well.

    It's a “close, but no cigar” case. It could have been better. The first black is still the one to have for now.

  4. The need to keep it stock with the colours, and Orange is one thats available on the all0new SVO version, which this is NOT, Jaguar do not make a White with black wheels, so no, if jaguar makes it then that is how it should be, the stunning deep red that was available of the RR Sport is a colour, and thats amazing, the RR Evoque also comes in the colour, so could be done as a twin pack, or triple with a LR Defender which is also available in the colour, now that would be stunning. if you're not sure on the colour look at this RR, in the brand red.


  5. Oh yes – the grill is one thing that is a must on this model, i would rather have NO rear lights but a grill instead if it comes to cost, the grill is all part of the car, and without it does not look as spectacular.

  6. Yeah, I feel you, but I think we get a little too spoiled sometimes when it comes to shit like tampos. I guess I got more of an old school mindset, where tampos were not expected. But to say the model is rubbish because it don't have a little tampo is kind of exaggerating quite a bit. That was my point.

  7. Yes many models did not have extra tampo printing. But then again many had the grille as a separate piece. Expecially if we are looking at comparable models form the last 20-25 years. Also the design of the models has softened the detals and relied on the additional tampo print to accentuate the detail (See Jag XK, or Aston). So when it is missing it is quite glaring. But also this is a car that the black grille is almost a signature part of the look.

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