Introducing the latest in 1:64 Diecast, Tarmac Works…

A few of you have reached out to me about Tarmac Works, a diecast company out of Hong Kong and Japan that has been producing some stellar 1:18 diecast.  The cars are beautiful, but a little out of my collecting parameters.

Well that has suddenly changed, as Tarmac Works has just announced a new line of 1:64 scale models.  Consider my interest piqued.  Exploring their Facebook Page reveals some goodies coming up, and the folks there have assured me there is a lot to be excited about.  That appears to be the case.

And it all starts with the Honda Civic EG6 Group A Racing Car.  Tarmac has announced several versions coming:

These should be out later this year, and are available for Pre-Order at Daboxtoys.

But we have a preview of one today.  TW was cool enough to send one our way to showcase.  This special blue edition was available at the Hong Kong Toy Show, so the color isn’t available.  But the casting is exactly what is coming, and I think quite a few of you will be fans.

It starts with premium packaging, which is more associated with larger scale models.

But I am a DLM guy, so the screwdriver comes out, and the Civic sits in all its glory.  It is hard to ignore the immense detail, from the brakes to the interior.  And yeah, it looks awesome.

We have more to show from Tarmac Works, and that will be soon.  For now, consider jumping into this brand.  It is well worth it…

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  1. Pro tip!

    I preordered a few, but disappointed that I likely won't be able to get the blue one. It would've been my favorite, but at least the link provided for the preorder had some nice ones(especially the Idemitsu livery).

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