The 2017 Hot Wheels are coming. Here is our first preview…

It always creeps up on you a little bit.

P cases have hit the hobby dealers, Q case is around the corner, and in just a matter of weeks we will be full fledged into the 2017 Hot Wheels lineup.  That means little inklings of this and that are getting out there now, just to whet the appetite.

And thanks to my friends at Nitto Tire, I have my first showcase of 2017.  Nitto has upped its presence with Hot Wheels, and it is cool to see a Nitto Tire model again in 2017 after the Supra in 2016.  Even cooler is the fact that instead of another drift car, Hot Wheels went completely opposite with the model choice, while still being embedded in the Nitto universe.  Some examples:



(Nitto folks, I know you are reading this, and please put me in one of those Jeeps next year in Alaska.  I’ll be in charge of snacks.)

So knowing that Nitto is just as much about conquering the wilderness of Alaska or Moab as it is hitting the corners on the track, it is awesome to see the Nitto logo on the ’17 Ford Raptor in the 2017 Hot Wheels lineup.

The trend with Hot Wheels seems to do a stock color or livery with a model’s debut, and that is what they did with the Raptor in 2016.  They gave it a signature blue, along with a factory deco.  The recolor was similar.  That trend goes further when models thereafter are released with all kinds of decos, some nice and others not so.  Knowing it would be a new livery for the Raptor, I have to say it can’t get much better than this Nitto Raptor.  It works perfectly.  Not to mention, I now share something in common with Nitto in that we both have had our names on a Mattel produced Raptor.  Welcome to the club, Nitto.

And welcome to 2017…

10 Replies to “The 2017 Hot Wheels are coming. Here is our first preview…”

  1. Pickups are too “flashy” nowadays. The Manufacturers need to go back and learn from their history. As far as HW's are concerned we have bins and end caps full of hundreds plastic fantasy offerings on beat up cards that even kids don't want. Wake up Mattel!

  2. Mattel did a great job for this Raptor. Since I like the older Blue version one, but when this came out, it is so freaking nice! I hope Mattel will only change the colour to Blue with this tampo's. It will be very nice if it is in blue with the tampo's.

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